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  • RFID Silicone wristband G16-1

RFID Silicone wristband G18

G18 silicone wristbands are hot sale style, inside metal buttons. Also, They can be mono-color or two Colors. Card Cube can provide you with super quality, cost-effective price and fast delivery!

RFID Silicone Wristband

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Quantity Min: 500

Customized How You Want It

We have a huge range of custom RFID Products, all of which can be designed to your requirements.

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Customized Colors :

Custom Waterproof Oval Silicone RFID Wristband

CardCube has established stable and friendly business relationships with worldwide famous semiconductor companies, such as Philips NXP, EM Texas instruments, Infineon, Fudan microelectronics, HUAXIN, Alien, SIEMENS, Impinj, and ST, and our products have been exported to more than 50 countries, like Nigeria, Germany, France, Britain, the United States, Japan, and so on.

G18 silicone wristbands are hot sale style, inside metal buttons. Also, They can be mono-color or two Colors. Card Cube can provide you with super quality, cost-effective price and fast delivery!


Available Chips

TK4100 ,EM4200 ,EM4305 ,T5577 ,Hitag 1 ,Hitag S2048;Mifare Classic S50 1k ,Mifare Classic S70 4k ,FM 11RF08 ,Ultralight EV1 ,Ultralight-C ,NTAG213 ,NTAG215 ,NTAG216 ,I Code SLIX ,Ti2048 ,DesFire 2K/4K/8K ,Monza 5


Colors: Red/Pink/Yellow/Purple/Blue/Green/Black/Orange/Custom

Logo Printing: Silkscreen or laser

Waterproof: IP 68

Wristband Material: Silicone

Size: Non-adjustable

Operating temperature: -30 to +220 degrees C

Packing: 100pcs/bag, 10bags/ctn


Fitness, Spa, Concerts,  Hotels, Resorts & Cruises

Water parks, Theme & Amusement Parks, Sporting Venues

Hospital, Nightclubs, Fairs, Music Festival & Carnivals

School, Zoos, Football Tickets



Access Control



Membership Expenditure Management

Available Types

We offer this wristband in these frequencies. Please contact us about the specific chip you need for your application.

LF:125 KHz

HF:13.56 MHz





Silk printing logo

Colorful printing

Chip encoding

Mix multi-color

Laser engraved logo

Laser engraved number or UID


CardCube can offer various RFID silicone wristbands for different occasions. Here are some popular silicone wristband models as follows, and if you want to see more models, you can download our silicone wristband E-brochure ↓.



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