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125KHZ RFID Cards

  • T5577 RFID Card

    T5577 RFID Card

    T5577 RFID Card is a common 125 kHz LF RFID card, using ATMEL imported original ATA5577 (T5577 for short) chip. T5577 card is compatible with the Atmel T5557/ATA5567 and able to replace the Atmel e555

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  • EM4305 RFID Card

    EM4305 RFID Card

    EM4305 RFID Card,otherwise known as EM4305 proximity card is a kind of common 125KHZ RFID card made of PVC or PET. It is often used as an access card.

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  • 125 kHz RFID Blank Card

    125 kHz RFID Blank Card

    125 kHz RFID Blank Card, otherwise known as LF RFID blank card, operates at 125 kHz, provides a short read range of 10 cm, and has slower read speed than the higher frequencies, but is not very sensit

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  • ​ID Thick Card

    ​ID Thick Card

    ID Thick Card often operates on 125 kHz frequency and it is ideal and low cost solution for access control. It has a ID number in EEPROM but unchangeable after sealed.

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125KHZ RFID Cards

The Low-frequency RFID card is a kind of contactless RFID smart card that operates at 125 kHz. Compared with HF and UHF cards, 125KHz LF cards are simple in construction, low in cost, and not susceptible to interference, very suitable for short-distance, low-cost applications, such as access control, campus cards, cargo tracking, identification, and hotel room card. 

We offer a large selection of chips: EM4200 (Read-only), TK4100 (Read-only), ATMEL T5577 (read and re-write), EM4305 (read and re-write), HID (read and re-write), etc. As for the style of the card, it depends on your requirements and creation, we ensure to help you achieve it.