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RFID Paper Wristbands

paper-wristbandsSecure RFID Paper Wristbands are a cost-effective solution to identifying your paid guests and securing admissions. The paper wristband consists of lightweight high-density polyethylene fibers. The advantage of RFID paper wristbands is that they are designed for one-time use and will easily show proof of tampering, preventing sharing amongst patrons.

QR code paper wristbands are used to provide guests at events additional information, or easier access to specific pages and modules on the web. Take this example: a sporting event uses wristbands to validate admission. On each band is a QR code which leads to a food and drink menu. Rather than having to wait in line, to order your hotdog and soda, you can place the order through your mobile device and pick it up when it is ready. We carry QR code wristbands in a variety of materials, each suitable for different situations.


CardCube’s RFID Paper wristbands are available in neon colors, solid colors, and also pre-printed with unique designs. If you want to design your own wristbands, we also offer custom RFID Paper Wristbands that can be printed with your logos and text. When customized, they make ideal event wristbands that promote your branding. They are water-resistant as well, making them excellent for poolside events at resorts and hotels.

RFID paper Wristbands are an excellent choice for clubs, festivals, or any type of single-day event. If you need to keep track of patrons, select RFID paper Wristbands come pre-printed with serial numbering, allowing your staff to connect patrons with unique ID numbers. For events with raffles, RFID tyvek Wristbands with pull-off tabs are an economical solution that turn your wristbands into an effective and efficient ticketing solution.

Chip TypeProtocalCapacityAnti CollisionFunction
Available 13.56MHz Chip
Ntag203/213/215/216ISO14443A144/180/540/924 ByteNoRead/Write
MIFARE S50ISO14443A1KBNoRead/Write
MIFARE S70ISO14443A4KBNoRead/Write
MIFARE PlusISO14443A2KB/4KBNoRead/Write
MIFARE DESFireISO14443A2KB/4KB/8KBNoRead/Write
MIFARE Ultralight EV1ISO14443A64 BitNoRead/Write
MIFARE Ultralight CISO14443A1184 BitNoRead/Write
I CODE SLIISO15693128 ByteYesRead/Write
Available 860-960MHz Chip
Alien H3ISO18000-6C512 BitYesRead/Write
Monza R6EPC Class1 Gen296 BitYesRead/Write