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RFID Epoxy Tag

RFID Epoxy Tags

Of all the tags, the RFID epoxy tags must be the eye-catching one. It is small and exquisite, encapsulated by epoxy that is a corrosion-resistant material,which can be widely applied in access control, hotel locks, e-payment, health clubs, animal identification, public transportation, etc.

XRFID supports the OEM manufacture of epoxy RFID tags, you can define its shape freely, like heart, circle, square, pet shape, as well as you have the choice of the chip, material, craft and many others what you want.

  • Born with a protective shell, corrosion-resistant, shockproof and waterproof.

  • Support OEM customized services, a variety of chips and materials are available.

  • Easy to carry and widely used, such as access control, hotel locks, school campus access, health clubs, animal identification, transportation payment, etc.

  • Fast delivery and good packaging to ensure that they arrive intact and in time.



For RFID epoxy key fob , epoxy is like an innate protective shell . It is not only corrosion-resistant , but also shockproof and waterproof . Even if the RFID epoxy key fob falls to the ground ,the chip inside will not be damaged.


Compared with the ordinary RFID card , the Epoxy RFID key fob is small and exquisite , easy to carry , with a lanyard or keychain,which can be hung with the car key or other keys , or even attached to the backpack as an ornament