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RFID Contactless Card

  • Voter Card

    Voter Card

    RFID Voter Card. Maker double side printing custom plastic photo school student card matt pvc magnetic stripe voter id card. RFID Contactless Card. Here the voter needs to have a voter identity card

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  • RFID Blank Card

    RFID Blank Card

    Find High Quality Rfid blank Cards Manufacturer, High Quality 13.56mhz Pvc NFC Blank Card Glossy White RFID Card For Thermal Printer.

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  • RFID Visitor Cards

    RFID Visitor Cards

    Our RFID Visitor Cards are made using high quality PVC and suited to all RFID and NFC card applications, Our RFID Visitor Cards conform to ISO 14443 standards and are perfect for RFID/NFC card applica

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  • Vip Cards

    Vip Cards

    the best vip rfid cards, Our contactless RFID vip cards conform to ISO 14443 standards and are perfect for RFID/NFC loyalty card applications

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  • Student Cards

    Student Cards

    Find High Quality Rfid Student Card Manufacturer, Rfid Student Card Suppliers and Rfid Student Card Products, we offer RFID Smart Student ID Card. Printed RFID Smart Card.

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  • Parking Cards

    Parking Cards

    RFID card parking system, High quality RFID Card Parking System Using RFID Technology Parking Management System Card Ticket Dispenser from China,

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  • Metro Card

    Metro Card

    All our RFID Cards for bus and metro are 100% Waterproof, using great quality new PVC, These cards contain with aluminum etched antenna and RFID chip

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  • GYM Cards

    GYM Cards

    Custom Gym RFID Smart Card for Fitness Membership Management, Find Details about Smart Card, We help gyms and fitness centers find the right key tag and card technology

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  • Gift Cards

    Gift Cards

    RFID gift cards wholesale, Customizing RFID cards and tags has never been so easy. Our RFID cards are compatible with a wide range of radio frequency card reader solutions.

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  • Club Cards

    Club Cards

    Contactless smart cards contain read-only RFID called CSN (Card Serial Number) or UID, Contactless smart cards have the ability to securely manage, store and provide access to data on the card,

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  • Business Cards

    Business Cards

    NFC contactless business cards. Customize your business card design with VistaPrint and print it online. We offer many business card

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  • Member Card

    Member Card

    The Member Card is a Key item in the Sinnoh region games which allows the player to access the Harbor Inn which leads him/her to Newmoon Island. Search for Create Member Cards. Find Create Member Card

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Contactless/RFID Cards

CardCube offers a wide range of contactless (RFID/NFC) smart cards from manufacturers such as NXP, Infineon, and Atmel. 

CardCube manufactures a wide selection of memory and microprocessor smart card such as M.O.S.T. Card, Java Card, MIFARE, CIPURSE, Atmel, Micorchip contact and contactless smart cards for a variety of applications.