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About Our Products

What RFID Products do you supply?

We supply a range of wristbands and Smart cards for event access control, security, and promotional purposes. CARDCUBE can provide solutions to suit a wide range of budgets and requirements. Our products can be customized  and are produced at the highest quality. We also offer a range of RFID products, which are becoming increasingly popular among festivals, waterparks, hotels, and conferences.

Explore our range of rfid wristbands and rfid smart card available now:

RFID Hotel Card

RFID Contactless Card

RFID Contact Card

RFID Clamshell Card

RFID Wood Card

RFID Fabric Wristband

RFID Silicone Wristband

RFID Elastic Wristband

RFID Disposable Wristband

How secure are your rfid wristbands and rfid smart card?

Our Products are incredibly secure and are trusted among some of the biggest festivals, events and resorts across the U.S, UK, Europe and the world. 

What is RFID?

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a term describing a wireless, non-contact system that uses radio waves to transfer data from a carrier to a device, for the purpose of identification. Demand for RFID at music festivals, sports, waterparks, resorts, and conferences is growing as it provides better security for visitors and staff, as well as improves entry admission. RFID enables events and resorts to offer cashless payments and provides ways for brands to run effective activations to increase awareness and drive sponsorship revenues.

Find out more about our range of RFID solutions here.

What other products do you offer besides wristbands and smart cards?

Besides event wristbands, CARDCUBE offers a large range of RFID products for use at sports events, resorts, waterparks, theme parks, and conferences.

Can you print barcodes on your wristbands?

Yes.CARDCUBE can apply custom printed barcodes, QR codes, and variable data options to almost all of our products.Read more about our barcode wristband options.

Customer Service

How can I contact you?

You can get in touch with us by sending a message on our contact page or calling us on +86 13691780159 or Email :



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