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For Smart Card:

How Do RFID Cards Work?

RFID stands for radio-frequency identification, with a code embedded on each card within a chip. These cards work seamlessly with card readers to open doors, act as identification, deactivate security locks or track personnel.

Can I Create Custom Contactless Payment Cards?

Yes! RFID chips can store large amounts of data, with options to link each card to a customer or staff account. The chip will transmit the information about the charge or sale back to your central system or payment solution for fast, contactless transactions.

What Is the Advantage of Custom RFID Cards Over Barcodes?

Barcode scanners work similarly to RFID chips but can be more susceptible to damage, where the scanner will not recognize the barcode if a security pass or ID card has become worn or damaged. RFID chips are faster and easier to use, with a quick tap to register the card details without requiring a direct line of 'sight' between the scanner or lock and the card.

What Can I Put on a Customized RFID Card?

Cardcube can create any design, color, imagery, or text you require. That might be a personal RFID card with an individual’s photo, name, and position, pass cards that designate authorized permission zones, simplified cards for use in leisure centers or hotels, or any other details you wish your cards to display.

How Long Does It Take to Produce a Bespoke Set of RFID Cards?

In most cases, your RFID cards will be ready to dispatch in four to five weeks, although we can accommodate shorter lead times of seven days for our Express RFID Laminates.

We can add additional features and chip data to integrate new RFID cards with your existing entry systems, lockers, access control gates, or payment solutions as required. However, extra features can add a little more time to production.

How Many Custom RFID Cards Do I Need to Order?

We offer a flexible service and can produce custom RFID cards in batches as small as 500 cards, depending on the finish, protective coating, and detail on your card design. If you require a quick turnaround or need to upgrade a set of older barcodes or QR code passes with RFID chips, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

What Are the Benefits of Personalized RFID Cards?

Personalized RFID cards are an excellent way to provide straightforward access to buildings, server rooms, secure areas, or access-controlled doors for personnel, security staff and authorized visitors. Keyless, contactless solutions minimize security risks while logging each activity in a data record so you can track foot traffic.

Each card is printed with your selected design and can either be issued to one specific individual or be created with business branding and logos for repeat use by visitors or guests.

What Are the Best Coatings for Durable RFID Cards?

Our custom RFID cards are manufactured from tough, high-grade waterproof plastic, made to standard credit card dimensions for easy storage and use. 

CardCube also produces customized bamboo RFID cards, which are water resistant and float, making them an excellent option for eco-friendly organizations, spas, and other event venues or businesses with pools or other water-based activities.

Bamboo RFID cards are available in a classic card shape or a round circular fob, with the same chip technology embedded in each token.

What Are the Main Uses for Custom RFID Cards?

Because your RFID cards are customized, they can be used in a huge number of capacities, with some of the most common being hotel room passes, event passes, security cards, locker access cards, and access passes for schools, colleges, universities, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and storage facilities.

Cards can also be used as a data tracking tool, with RFID chips used in logistics to track consignments.

Do I Need NFC or RFID Cards for My Business?

XRFID RFID cards are compatible with any contactless technology, including NFC (near-field communication) chips. These work very much like RFID chips but can be better suited to high-security applications and use a particular radio wave band within the RFID range.

If you would like expert advice about the right chips, frequency, or security solutions, please get in touch for more guidance.

Why Buy RFID cards from Cardcube?

Our highly experienced team has been producing bespoke security passes, wristbands, and lanyards for over 13 years, supplying clients across the UK, Europe, and North America.

We can create fully customized RFID cards with a range of security properties, durable coatings and any design, features, or technological specifications you require.

For Wristbands:

Are Festival wristbands waterproof?

They are made from DuPont™ Tyvek are lightweight, durable, and water-resistant. Wristbands made from plastic, vinyl, and cloth are ultra-strong, long-lasting, and waterproof.

How do you remove a festival wristband?/ How to take a festival wristband off?

Wristbands made from Tyvek, plastic, vinyl, and cloth (with a locking closure) are most easily removed by cutting with a scissors. Cloth wristbands with a reusable closure can be taken off simply by sliding the adjustable bead downward.

What are festival wristbands made out of?

Our wristbands are traditionally made from the secure, one-time-use material known as Tyvek. Plastic and vinyl are also prevalent, predominantly amongst festivals lasting several days in duration. Cloth and silicone bands are great options as well, particularly when gifted to festival-goers as keepsakes or souvenirs.

What to do with old festival wristbands?

Old, personalised music festival bands are often saved as a momento to remember all of the fun times someone had at the festival. For easy removal, carefully cut off the wristband. From there, it can be displayed or placed in a scrapbook. 

Why Purchase Festival Bracelets From Us?

At Wristband Resources, customer service is our top priority. We have been in the business for over 13 years, creating wristbands at reasonable, low prices, fast turnaround times, and quick shipping. If you have any questions about your order, please feel free to contact us online or by phone.

About Our Products

What RFID Products do you supply?

We supply a range of wristbands and Smart cards for event access control, security, and promotional purposes. CARDCUBE can provide solutions to suit a wide range of budgets and requirements. Our products can be customized  and are produced at the highest quality. We also offer a range of RFID products, which are becoming increasingly popular among festivals, waterparks, hotels, and conferences.

Explore our range of rfid wristbands and rfid smart card available now:

RFID Hotel Card

RFID Contactless Card

RFID Contact Card

RFID Clamshell Card

RFID Wood Card

RFID Fabric Wristband

RFID Silicone Wristband

RFID Elastic Wristband

RFID Disposable Wristband

How secure are your rfid wristbands and rfid smart card?

Our Products are incredibly secure and are trusted among some of the biggest festivals, events and resorts across the U.S, UK, Europe and the world. 

What is RFID?

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a term describing a wireless, non-contact system that uses radio waves to transfer data from a carrier to a device, for the purpose of identification. Demand for RFID at music festivals, sports, waterparks, resorts, and conferences is growing as it provides better security for visitors and staff, as well as improves entry admission. RFID enables events and resorts to offer cashless payments and provides ways for brands to run effective activations to increase awareness and drive sponsorship revenues.

Find out more about our range of RFID solutions here.

What other products do you offer besides wristbands and smart cards?

Besides event wristbands, CARDCUBE offers a large range of RFID products for use at sports events, resorts, waterparks, theme parks, and conferences.

Can you print barcodes on your wristbands?

Yes.CARDCUBE can apply custom printed barcodes, QR codes, and variable data options to almost all of our products.Read more about our barcode wristband options.

Customer Service

How can I contact you?

You can get in touch with us by sending a message on our contact page or calling us on +86 13691780159 or Email : contact@cardcube.net