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CardCube Group was established in 2010, we are the only one who produces smart cards, RFID wrist bands, keyfobs, metro tokens, laundry tags, RFID inlay sheets, and OEM RFID products together all over the world.

We are running our own mold workshop and production department, designing and producing all of our products “in-house”.

Our head factory with advanced equipment is based in Shenzhen, taking up 20,000 sqm with more than 300 workers, having branch factories in Ningxia HuiAuton ominous Region (15,000sqm,200workers) and Dongguan Provinces.

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SHENZHEN FACTORY                                                                                                                                                                   NINGXIA FACTORY

Workshop Introduction Equipment

CNC Machines, Engraving Machines, EDM Spark Machines, Lathe, Milling machines, Line Cutting Machines, and Grinding Machines in a total of 22 machines for customized product mold making, which enables us to make the quickest response to your need. Only takes 7-9 workdays to open a new mold.

The technicians are over 14 years of experience and provide professional suggestions to avoid mistakes in design.

Design – mold opening – sample – bulk production are completed “in one house”, and control of the quality and production cost is easier.


Production Process

How to Control Production Procedure to Guarantee Product Quality?

CardCube applies seven management systems, i.e. SEIRI, SEATON, SEISO, SEIKETSU, SHITSUKE, SAFETY & SAVE.

CardCube has a comprehensive quality control system, including quality control from the R&D stage, our customers’ concerns, test equipment, and the layout of the quality team.