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T5577 RFID Card


RFID Cards / T5577 Cards

Why choose our T5577 RFID card? Choosing us, you will not encounter the following problems:

Product details

T5577 RFID Card is a common 125 kHz LF RFID card, using ATMEL imported original ATA5577 (T5577 for short) chip. T5577 card is compatible with the Atmel T5557/ATA5567 and able to replace the Atmel e5551/T5551 in most common operation modes. Unlike EM4200 and TK4100 card, the T5577 card is a rewritable card in which you can rewrite the data.

The storage capacity of the T5577 card is not very large, but it has a rich and flexible configuration and working mode. For example, there are three access modes you can set: direct access, request access, or password access. Moreover, this card has the characteristics of good protection and safety. The same card does not allow communication and data exchange on the T5577 reader with different configurations or working modes. Most importantly, the T5577 RFID card has a high-cost performance in the read-write cards family.


What are the features of the T5577 card? What is the difference between T5577 cards and EM4305 cards? If you want to figure this out, you must understand the characteristics of the T5577 chip.

The Atmel ATA5577 is a contactless read/write identification IC for applications in the 125 kHz or 134 kHz frequency band. A single-coil connected to the chip servers as the IC’s power supply and bi-directional communication interface. The antenna and chip together form a transponder or tag. Here are some typical characteristics as following:

Contactless power supply

Contactless Read/Write data transmission

Basic Mode or Extended Mode

Compatible with the Atmel T5557, ATA5567

Replacement for Atmel e5551/T5551 in most common operation modes

Configurable for ISO/IEC 11784/785 compatibility

Total 363 bits EEPROM memory: 11 blocks(32 bits+1 lock bit)

High Q-antenna tolerance due to in options

Adaptable to different applications: access control, animal ID and waste management

In addition, T5557 chip can be encapsulated into a variety of special-shaped cards, such as T5577 keyfob. You can download the complete T5577 Data Sheet to learn more about the technical data and other information on the T5577 chip.


Thanks to the unique stable performance and good encryption performance of the T5577 chip, T5577 proximity card is widely used in various forms of identification, especially in the transportation, health communication, education, entertainment, etc. For example, as follows:

Hotel inductive smart door lock card

Health insurance card

Campus ID card

Enterprise/factory attendance card

Gas card

Entertainment card

Club card

Supermarket membership card


EM4305 RFID Card


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