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M1 card in the process of use of common problems and treatment suggestions

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M1 card, also known as inductive IC card, only intelligent IC a card, generally commonly used S50M1 card and S70M1 card, domestic compatible, S50 and S70 Fudan F08 M1 card, etc.

M1 card in the process of use of common problems and treatment suggestions

M1 card in the process of use of common problems and treatment suggestions

M1 card in the development and use of the process is always a variety of problems, summarizing the experience of many years of card industry, mainly caused by the M summary of the 1 card operation errors.

1. blind operation

Resulting in some block misoperation is locked and can no longer be used. After carefully referring to Table 3 Table 5 control authority, first of all, to derive the results of the operation is suitable for the use of the requirements, and the operation order table before the operation. It is better to authorize the programmer to set block 3.

2. the password is lost

When reading and writing again, the password authentication is wrong and the card cannot be accessed. Special requirements are correct M block 3 programming operation, must be timely record of the relevant card number control values, KeyA, KeyB, etc., the password file to have dedicated management.

3. the setting error

The M1 card block 3 control block is not well understood and misunderstood leading to wrong settings. According to Table 2, the M1 card control block currently has only 8 data block access control permissions and 8 control block setting permissions. Other code combinations beyond these 16 permissions will directly lead to incorrect settings and scrapping of the card!

4. Extreme permissions

When block 3 access control bit C13C23C33 = 110 or 111 is called extreme privilege. Generally not used except for special applications! Enable before carefully weighing the password read and write, whether you need to lock access control, otherwise even after data encryption with a password can not read the locked data block (invisible)!

5. Poor equipment

Poor quality equipment will directly affect the performance of the card read and write. M1 card for block 3 programming operation equipment, in particular, requires its performance must be very reliable and very stable operation! It is recommended to choose the well-known read-write machine built by Philips original read-write module!

6. programming interference

Programming block 3, can not have anything "IO" interruption or disturbance! Including running more than two programs at the same time interference program PC bad switching power ripple interference, etc.. Otherwise, the unsuccessful writing operation will lead to the fan area is locked, resulting in the fan area in the re-visit error and scrap.

7. data errors

Read and write cards at critical distance points. Usual card reading, especially card writing, should be avoided in the critical state (only read the card distance) read the card. Because the critical state of the data transmission is very unstable! Easy to cause read and write errors!

8. human error

For example, the password loading operation error, misunderstanding KeyA loaded as KeyB; or misuse other card manufacturers agreed initial password value a0a1a2a3a4a5, b0b1b2b2b3b4b55 loaded into the M1 card in the company's production products; or in the initial state (password) A = in fact, the hidden state fffffffffffff], control bit = FF078069, password B = fffffffffffff [visible]) if inadvertently KeyA = delete a million million million, re-enter 12 "0", and load! At this point inadvertently has KeyA original 12 hidden "f", modified into 12 "0", the consequences can be imagined!

9. card failure

Read and write no data transmission, the reader reports "find card error"! The card is overly twisted and bent resulting in the inner circuit breakage.

10. read-write distance is too close

M11 card read-write distance up to 10 cm (Philips standard read-write machine test maximum distance), the domestic well-known brand read-write machine generally up to 5-10cm. small spoon buckle card read-write distance is of course much closer than the standard card, but as long as the read-write distance is reliable ≥ 5 ~ 10mm generally does not affect the normal use!

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