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M1 card introduction and the basic technical knowledge of M1 card

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M1 chip, refers to the abbreviation of the chip produced by NXP, a subsidiary of Philips, the full name of NXPMifare1 series, commonly used in two models S50 and S70.

M1 card introduction and the basic technical knowledge of M1 card

 M1 card introduction and the basic technical knowledge of M1 card

The M1 chip refers to the abbreviation of the chip produced by NXP, a subsidiary of Philips, which is known as NXPMifare1 series, commonly used in S50 and S70 models. It is a contactless IC card. Contactless IC card, also known as RF card, has successfully solved the problem of passive (no power in the card) and contact-free, which is a major breakthrough in the field of electronic devices.

M1 card working principle

Send a set of fixed frequency electromagnetic wave to M1 card, there is a LC series resonant circuit inside the card, its frequency is the same as the read-write transmitting frequency, under the excitation of electromagnetic wave, the LC resonant circuit resonates, so that there is a charge inside the capacitor, at the other end of this capacitor, there is a single conductive electronic pump connected, the charge inside the capacitor is sent to another capacitor for storage, when the accumulated charge reaches 2V When the accumulated charge reaches 2V, this capacitor can be used as a power supply to provide working voltage for other circuits, and the data inside the card will be launched or the data from the reader will be picked up.

The advantage of M1 card is that it can read and write multi-functional card, the disadvantage is: the price is a little expensive, the induction distance is short, suitable for non-fixed consumption system, parking system, access control attendance system, etc.. At present, M1 card is mainly used in the automatic fare collection system of bus, ferry and subway, and also applied in access control management, identity proof and electronic wallet.

Now there is a domestic M1 card, also belongs to the contactless ic card, generally domestic Fudan F08 chip, is a smart card we commonly used in life, the basic parameters of the domestic M1 card.

Chip: domestic M1IC card chip, mainly: FM11RF08, ISSI4439, TKS50, BPS50 (Bump chip)

Storage capacity: 1Kbit, 16 partitions, two sets of passwords per partition

Operating frequency: 13.56MHZ

Communication speed: 106Kboud

Read/write distance: 2.5-10CM

Read/write time: 1-2MS

Working temperature: -20℃-85℃

Erase times: >100000 times

Data storage: >10 years

Length: 85.6±0.013mm

Width: 53.98±0.05mm

Thickness: 0.8±0.04mm

Material: PVC, PET

Temperature: -10℃and+50℃

Package material: PVC, PET, 0.13 copper

Encapsulation process: Ultrasonic automatic wire implantation / automatic touch welding

Production standard: ISO14443,ISO10536

At present, domestic M1 card can add signature strip, spray number, hot stamping, hot stamping silver, hot stamping laser, magnetic stripe, barcode, embossed code punching and other special processes. Card Cube offers matte, frosted, UV cards, gold stamping, silver stamping, film stamping, color printing, glossy surface, laser codes, spray codes, UV codes and other processes.

Domestic M1 card application scope: domestic M1 card enterprise / campus card, domestic M1 card office attendance access card, domestic M1 card hall consumption card, domestic M1 card membership fee, dining hall fee card, domestic M1 card bus stored value card, highway toll, recharge card consumption card, parking, community management and other non-contact RF card chip.

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