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M1 card in the use of the process of common problems.

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The chip used in M1 card is an abbreviation of the chip produced by NXP, a subsidiary of Philips, which is known as NXPMifare1 series, and there are two models of S50 and S70 commonly used at present. Nowadays, M1 cards are mainly used in bus, ferry, subway, access control system and other fields. But in the process of using M1 card we will also encounter some common problems.

M1 card in the use of the process of common problems.

Common problems of M1 card in the process of use

M1 card in the use of the process of common problems.

1, blind operation: causing some blocks to be locked by mistake can no longer be used. Should carefully refer to Table 3 Table 5 after the control authority, to the first to derive the results of the operation is suitable for use requirements, and list the operation order form before operation. It is best to authorize the programmer to set the block 3 for the exclusive operation.

2, lost password: re-read and write the password authentication error and can not access the card. Special requirements in the block 3 programming operation of MF card, must record the control value of the relevant card number, KeyA, KeyB, etc. in time, and there should be a person to manage the password file.

3. Wrong setting: Insufficient understanding of block 3 control block of MF1 card, wrong understanding causes setting resulting in wrong setting. According to Table 2 can be seen, the current Mf1 card control block only 8 kinds of data block access control authority and 8 kinds of control block setting authority, beyond these 16 kinds of authority of other code combinations, will directly cause the wrong settings and make the card scrapped!

The above are the common problems in the use of M1 card, if you have any questions, you can consult us, consulting phone number: Card Cube is a professional manufacturer of M1 cards, and we can provide customers with free technical and design advice.

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