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Visual card can not be printed normally common problems and solutions

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Introduction: Many customers customize their visual card and visual card printers at Card Cube, but since the technology is new and different from traditional document printers, they inevitably encounter some malfunctions in the operation. For example, the visual card cannot be inserted into the printer or the printing effect cannot reach the expected effect.

Visual card can not be printed normally common problems and solutions

Visual card can not be printed normally common problems and solutions

In the event that the visual card printer can not complete the printing solution.

1. Check whether the printer USB cable is connected, whether the printer is ready

2. Check whether the printer selected when printing is Rongda visual card printer

3. Check that the visual card is correctly placed (visual side facing up)

4. Put the non-visible card into the printer

5. Check if the printer has incomplete or incorrectly printed documents.

6. Check the left margin and lower margin of the printed document is in line with the printer's printing origin

7. Driver installation error (the installation of the driver can not think of the printer to assign the print port, to allow the computer to automatically assign the printer)

8. Ensure that all normal printer operation, but still can not print normally due to timely notification of the manufacturer to analyze the fault to solve the problem.

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