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Visual card is a common smart card in the entertainment industry. With the development of information technology

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Visual card is a common smart card in the entertainment industry. With the development of information technology, visual cards have been widely used in many fields. Visual cards can be divided into various visual cards in terms of usage, functions and features. What are the categories of visual cards according to their characteristics? Let us be introduced by Card Cube Ltd.

Visual card is a common smart card in the entertainment industry. With the development of information technology

What categories can visual cards be divided into according to their characteristics

As we all know, visual card, also known as visual rewriting card, easy to see card, rewriting card, number, window card IT card, heat-sensitive rewriting card, thermal magnetic stripe card, etc., is a new technology product made of heat-sensitive material; it belongs to a new generation of smart card. Specialized visual IT card printer will be stored in the card media and software system in the information pieces of information stored in the system, and permanently remain on the surface of the card until the next use of visual IT In order to achieve visualization of information, you can remove the card printer.

So, how many types of visual cards are available on the market? Can visual cards be used at will? Or is it a fixed type? There are three types of visual cards according to the characteristics of visual cards and the limitations of the equipment used, as follows.

1. All-magnetic visual card All-magnetic thin card is covered with a layer of visual reproduction material that can be printed repeatedly on the magnetic card, also called visual film. This allows customers to print consumption records and promotional information on the surface of the card each time they check out with the card. They can also erase and reprint the printout on the next purchase. Not only can cardholders easily view their purchase history, but merchants can also update promotional information at any time, thus facilitating two-way interaction.

Full magnetic thin card can print visual information on the card surface and repeatedly swipe 500 times; common full magnetic thin cards are 0.22mm thickness and 0.28mm thickness.

2. High magnetic visual card high magnetic visual card is covered with a layer of magnetic card can be repeatedly printed on the visual copy material, that is, the visual film. In addition, on the other side of the card, closed magnetic stripe and combined with the card can not only play a visual printing function to achieve the printing function, presenting the printing effect, but also through the magnetic stripe record card information, convenient for members to identify, two birds with one stone, convenient and fast.

3. Chip visual card chip visual card also has the same principle. In the card surface covered with a layer of visual film, to achieve the printing function, while sealing the chip. At present, the visual card printer supports the chip is S50 IC the chip can be used domestic card chip model F08 chip or original Philips chip M chip not only has the function of visual printing information, but also has a chip card storage, encryption, read and write information and other functions to expand the scope of use of visual and enhance the scalability.

Through the introduction of the above three kinds of visual cards, we know that the current visual card, although a good variety, but with its own advantages to play a greater role. Shenzhen Card Cube is a professional manufacturer of smart cards, with production of visual cards, IC various visual cards and related equipment, such as visual cards, full magnetic visual cards, high hyper visual cards, thin visual cards, etc.. The company also has a professional design team that can design the card layout for you for free, welcome new and old customers to buy!

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