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Visual cards are still a new product in China. In recent years, visual duplication card products have been introduced in China and have been successfully

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Visual cards are still a new product in China. In recent years, visual duplication card products have been introduced in China and have been successfully used in entertainment, food and beverage, and retail applications. However, the share and utilization of the new concept of visual card products in China is still quite low compared to the relatively mature smart card products in terms of technology and market, and thus visual card products in China have a broad market prospect.

Visual cards are still a new product in China. In recent years, visual duplication card products have been introduced in China and have been successfully

Application areas of visual cards and future development

Application areas of visual cards.

1. Entertainment, catering and other consumption places

At present, the entertainment consumption field is the largest market for the application of visual card products at home and abroad. Merchants make full use of the personality and fashionable appearance of visual cards to compete for consumer groups, especially young people. The visual card can be used as a point card, stored value card VIP card and other functions in the entertainment consumption, and each consumption points, accumulate points! Timely display the consumption amount, remaining amount, activity information and basic customer information on the card, so that customers can clearly consume and attract customers to consume again.

2.Retail industry

Most shopping centers or supermarkets use membership cards! The loyalty card attracts repeat customers and provides better services and discounts according to users' purchases; each transaction can accumulate points or discounts on the visual card, and even print ads of recent offers to attract customers' spending.


The current hotel room card only serves the purpose of unlocking. Room cards combined with visual card technology will have more functions. Each time a customer checks in, it can directly print the customer's name, contact information, room number, length of stay! check-out time, room unit price, deposit amount and some promotions of the hotel, saving the guests the trouble of keeping deposit receipts, not only for the convenience of customers, but also to improve the efficiency of the hotel's service, the card can be recycled.

4. Airline journey accumulation card

Mileage records and consumption accumulation can be made with the visual card. The user only needs to put the visual card into the visual printer at the time of boarding or spending, and the trip or spending will be effective immediately. Users can directly see the valid mileage and total mileage on the accrual card to avoid errors.

5. Other industries

With the continuous progress and improvement of visual card application technology, its convenience, speed and uniqueness will be gradually applied to more fields, especially after the combination of intelligent IC card, it will be applied to highway toll card, city bus card, campus card, parking management card, library reading card, audiovisual store rental card, visiting card, medical card, park ticket card and other fields.

Future development direction of visual card.

Visible card than traditional intelligent IC in addition, other functions and traditional intelligent advantage is that the information visualization and data content can be changed. IC card similar, some even more intelligent than intelligent IC in terms of security and practicality, the development direction of the visible card should focus on the creativity of hardware products and application software advanced and practical.

1、Composite IC card

If only use the visual function as the selling point of the visual card, it will soon lose the competitive advantage of the visual card. Therefore, in order to make the visual card can play their own advantages, but also have the function of intelligent IC card must be intelligent IC card composite use with dual interface similar CPU a new card function visual copy card, matching applications together, will make the visual card play more functions and applied to more areas.

2. Development of visual card application system

After the widespread use of any product in the market, more and more people will be involved in it. The visual card product industry is no exception, and it is difficult for a single product to be competitive in the market. Therefore, it is necessary to enrich their product lines, develop unique applications, develop local hardware devices and form a complete set of applications for videocard technology. Related product links: ktv visual card cpu card induction card

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