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card and the production process of visual duplicate card

With the wide application of magnetic cards and various smart cards in all walks of life in modern society, people are more and more dissatisfied with the previous storage function, that is, they can only identify the data information stored in the magnetic cards and smart cards through card readers.

What is the visual rewriting card and the production process of visual rewriting card

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What is a visual card?

The visual rewritable card is covered with a layer of visual rewritable material that can be printed repeatedly on the ISO 7816 standard magnetic card or smart card, also called visual film, so that every time a customer holds a card at checkout, he can print consumption records and promotional information on the card, and can also erase and reprint the printed content at the next consumption, not only the cardholder can easily view his consumption records, but also the merchant can update the promotional information at any time. The cardholders can easily view their consumption records and the merchants can update their promotional information at any time, promoting two-way interaction.

Materials for making visual cards

Thermo Rewrite card is a kind of visual rewriting card "Thermo Rewrite material card, the card surface information can be repeatedly rewritten 50 times, so that the original fixed card surface becomes a dynamic information window. At present, Thermo Rewrite cards are mainly used in two kinds of materials: one is the silver thermal physical material, that is, silver background with white letters; the other is black, blue, red thermochemical reaction material, that is, white background with black, blue letters card.

Bar visual rewriting card

The production process of the visual duplicate card: 1.

1. high cost of materials. Because the main materials of the current visual copy card are imported from Japan, the price is very high, if the production process of high scrap rate, it will increase production costs.

2. The card body material should be selected to use high temperature resistant materials, such as PC, P E T material. As the visual copy card is a special device for printing information on the visual film, the instantaneous temperature up to 1518 e, P V C in this high temperature, the card body material will be deformed.

3. Generally, in order to save cost, the production process of visual duplicate card with visual film on one side is adopted, and the visual film base material is different from the card body material, which will lead to the asymmetry of the upper and lower materials of the whole card body, so the processed visual card will be easily bent.

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