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Talk about the development trend of access control card in the market access control system

With the continuous development of society, the urban environment is becoming more and more complex, and more and more people, logistics and information flow always challenge the management ability of managers. In this regard, building smart cities and managing them with smart tools are the hottest topics at present. One card is a good assistant for the government, enterprises and other management bodies to effectively manage the flow of people, logistics and information in their jurisdictions. The access control one-card is an indispensable part of the enterprise.

According to its application mode, one card can be divided into access control one card, commercial payment one card, identity medical and social security one card, savings or telecommunications one card, etc. The access control one-card mainly refers to the one-card system with access control function. The system can be integrated with some other functions, such as campus one-card access control function, but also integrated with meal card consumption function; enterprise campus one-card can be both attendance function. This article summarizes the current access control one card market.

Access control card classification

According to the identification source, access control system is divided into card access control, biometric access control and password access control. hid Zhao Jianbang introduced, card access control can meet the needs of general area security requirements management, password access control is rarely used alone, generally joint credit card to provide a higher level of security. Because each persons biometric characteristics are different, biometric features are usually combined with credit cards and passwords for the highest level of security. Currently access control cards are divided into ID cards, IC cards, CUP cards, etc.

Market access control system access control card development trend

At present, the smart city construction fever further heated up, access control companies are not willing to show weakness.

First, the social environment is increasingly complex, customer needs continue to improve, simple access control has become obsolete. The access control system solution linked with other systems is preferred, and the access control system with open interfaces is more competitive. hid Zhao Jianbang believes that the information construction of large platforms has put forward higher requirements for security management. For a card industry, in terms of hardware requirements, it is necessary to access these large platforms

Talk about the development trend of access control one card in the market access control system

First is the product and access control system IP open chemistry and system structure. IT integrated solutions will be an important development direction of the future one card; central control technology related to the person in charge said that the current traditional simple access control is no longer the mainstream, access control and video combination and linkage is more popular.

Secondly, the access control one-card system is being upgraded to solve customers large-scale and extensive area management problems. DASIs Huang Zhiyong said that DASI is currently based on the cell phone launched APP can manage GPRS transmission information through the access control attendance management system to achieve applications such as off-site card punching and mobile card punching. The system has a strong demand in industries such as mobile base stations, chain store management and hospital management. Jebsens group property intelligent one-card system organically integrates its products, stores and shares system data centrally, decentralizes control, and provides services for many real estate group properties.

Third, the integration of access control one card and commercial payment one card is higher. For example, the financial. IC card in a card, public services and other areas of application.

Finally, the biometric access control type is richer and the performance is more stable. As a new product of central control technology which is good at fingerprint recognition, it is changing from traditional fingerprint to palm print, finger vein and pupil, and now it can be authenticated by NFC smartphone.

The construction of smart cities brings opportunities and challenges to access control card companies. On the one hand, a large number of projects bring development opportunities for companies; on the other hand, the improvement of project specifications requires brand and system compatibility. In addition, smart city management also brings a series of functional details to the needs of the enterprise, bringing challenges. For the access control card, only by keeping up with the pace of smart city construction can we seize the opportunities and meet the challenges in this round of competition!

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