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Analysis of the working principle of IC card access control system and wireless RF encryption technology

Now the access control system has gradually by the original gatekeeper and key to open the door, the development to the current non-contact card access control management system, and non-contact smart card access control system can also be IC card access control system, and other access control system with advanced technology, stable and reliable, good performance to price ratio and other outstanding advantages, widely used in various industries.

Access control ic card

IC card access control system to its access control management security, reliability, efficiency, flexibility and convenience, has gradually replaced other existing types of door locks, become the mainstream of the current access control system.

Access control system is also known as access management control system. It is a digital management system for the entry and exit of management personnel. With the arrival of intelligent, digital information society", the card "has gradually penetrated into every aspect of peoples lives, people are adapting to the card step by step, but also gradually inseparable from the card, it is no exaggeration to say that mankind will go to the "card" world. Card is an important means to achieve intelligent management and automated management.

Environmentally friendly IC card access control system is a safe and reliable electronic door lock system. Use the

Analysis of the working principle of IC card access control system and wireless radio frequency encryption technology

System, you can easily manage and control the application of the place of entry and exit of personnel, to identify the identity and access privileges.

Access control thick card or key fob card

IC card access control system principle of operation

Inductive technology, or called wireless frequency identification (RFID) technology, is a card and the card reading device can read the information on the card without direct contact between the case of the method. The use of inductive card reader, no longer because of contact friction caused by the card and the wear and tear of the card reading device, no longer need to plug the card into the hole or swipe the card in the magnetic slot, the card only needs to read the range of the card reader can be shaken.

Encryption of IC card access control.

RF IC card and the reader is non-mechanical contact between the card, so the RF IC card is particularly suitable for large flows through the access control system. Radio frequency IC card and read the card machine between the use of radio communication technology for communication, and radio waves in space is open, easily intercepted by the outside, so the ordinary logic encryption without CPU IC card can not resist the simplest password attack, communication content is easy to be stolen, tampering and counterfeit copy, its security is even less than the ordinary logic encryption contact IC card.

IC card access control DES algorithm encryption technology.

DES algorithm encryption and decryption can be used in the same program, just add a small change at the end of the iteration, so the programming is convenient and simple. Enhanced correctness enforcement. If one of the authenticating and authenticated parties does not execute the protocol correctly, the protocol will be terminated. Random numbers are programmed into the data sent each time, so that when the same data is sent, the ciphertext transmitted each time will not be repeated. It is very effective against replay attacks. Selecting a good pseudo-random number generation algorithm can further improve security.

With the development of induction card technology, biometric technology, IC card intelligent access control and networked management system is an intelligent microsystem, database, network communications and other areas of technology integration, it can enable operators in different locations through the network to achieve the management of personnel, goods, and remote monitoring and alarm.

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