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RFID management of college dormitories than ordinary management methods of technical advantages

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The construction of digital campuses, security products in the campus is also becoming more widely used, the region to divide, colleges and universities focus on prevention areas generally have teaching areas, living areas, public areas, etc., and as living areas of the dormitory / apartment is the top priority of security management. At present, many universities use RFID technology to manage dormitories, so what are the technical advantages?

RFID management of college dormitories than ordinary management methods of technical advantages

RFID management of college dormitories than ordinary management methods of technical advantages

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Traditional management methods of student dormitories are generally managed manually through dormitory administrators, and because there are many rooms and students in the dormitory building, it is difficult for one or two dormitory administrators to have the energy to manage the entire apartment building. Therefore, this method can cause certain security risks and lead to some problems in dormitory/apartment management.

1. The management is confusing, and it is easy to let some foreigners get into the building due to human negligence, which may cause safety hazards to students' personal and property.

2、Sleep checks are time-consuming and heavy workload, which affects students' work and rest.

3、Students change the apartment building privately.

4、Postal parcels and letters delivered by the dormitory management cannot be delivered to students in time.

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And the technical advantages of RFID technology management dormitory performance are as follows:

More and more colleges and universities are starting to adopt RFID technology for attendance management of student dormitories/apartments. By placing the barrier-free access at the entrance of the dormitory building (due to the fire protection requirements of the dormitory/apartment, the form of gates is generally not used.) To take attendance of the people coming in and out, and at the same time joint video surveillance, access control and other management methods together to fight the student dormitory / apartment security environment.

At present in the application of RFID technology according to the different frequency bands are broadly divided into different technologies such as low frequency, high frequency near, high frequency long distance. And each technology category also differs in application according to its own characteristics.

Low-frequency RFID operating frequency in 125KHZ, 134KHz. students wearing cards through the channel can automatically read the information, low-frequency channel placement distance of about 80cm. The advantage of low-frequency RFID is that low-frequency is basically not affected by water and liquid, the human body wears the tag will not affect the channel to read the card effect. The alarm of people without cards can be carried out. This is for students who do not have a card to enter or outsiders to enter the campus can be prevented.

In addition, low-frequency RFID tags are cheaper, the cost of investment is relatively small by the impact of its technical characteristics, the speed of low-frequency channel personnel passage is not ideal. The main reason is that the low-frequency channel can not support multiple tags read at the same time, so the channel allows only one person to pass at a time, which obviously does not meet the needs of the dormitory in the morning, midday and evening rush hour. In addition, low frequency is not very easy to be integrated into the existing college card platform. Related product links: induction ic card CPU card campus ic card

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