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S50 card technical information and working principle

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S50 card, the use of NXPMF1ICS50 production of contactless smart card is often referred to as S50 card, Mifare1K card, M or directly referred to as inductive IC card, in line with ISO14443A has 4 bytes of standard UID digital is one of the world's most widely used inductive IC card.

S50 card technical information and working principle

S50 card technical information and working principle

1. Main technical indicators of S50 IC card

Capacity is 8K bits EEPROM

●Divided into 16 sectors, 4 blocks per sector, 16 bytes per block, with block as access unit

Each sector has an independent set of password and access control

●Each card has a unique serial number, 32 bits

●With anti-collision mechanism, supporting multi-card operation

●No power supply, self-contained antenna, including encryption control logic and communication logic circuit

Data retention period is 10 years, rewritable 100,000 times and readable unlimited times

●Operating temperature: -20℃~50℃(humidity is 90%)

●Operating frequency: 13.56MHZ

●Communication rate: 106KBPS

Read/write distance: 10cm internal (related to reader)

2. Working principle of S50IC card

The electrical part of the card consists of only one antenna and ASIC.

Antenna: The antenna of the card has only a few groups of winding wires, which is ideal for packing IS0 cards in.

ASIC: the card's ASIC high-speed (106) KB baud rate) RF interface, control unit and 8K-bit EEPROM composition.

Working principle: read-write direction M card has a set of fixed frequency electromagnetic waves, the card has a LC in the electromagnetic wave excitation, series resonant circuit with the same frequency as the electromagnetic wave, LC resonant circuit resonance, so that there is a charge in the capacitor. At the other end of the capacitor, a single-wire electronic pump is connected to send the charge in the capacitor to another capacitor for storage. When the accumulated charge reaches 2 when V, this capacitor can be used as a power supply to provide working voltage for other circuits, transmitting data in the card or receiving read-write data.

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