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Driver-free plug-and-play ic card reader

IC reading card reader ic card carrier, there are many types and functions of ic card reader, most of them need software driver to read the function. Now there is a driver-free plug-and-play ic card reader ----JHIC-U card reader is a card reader that can be directly inserted into use without any driver, convenient and time-saving.

Driver-free plug-and-play ic card reader ----JHIC-U card reader

JHIC-U card reader

JHIC-U card reader plug-and-play ic card reader, as long as you can use the software of magnetic stripe card or barcode card, you can directly use the reader to complete the magnetic stripe card and barcode card ic upgrade card ic use card reader, the development interface of the reader must be added to the program through the secondary development of the software company in order to use it properly. Lets look at the features of JHIC-U card reader.

Plug-and-play drive-free ic card reader ---- Features of JHIC-U card reader.

Convenient: full-speed computer connection interface, USB interface, plug-and-play, no secondary development.

Security: read the serial number ic card number, card number location and sector password can be changed

Compatibility: can support Philips S50/S70ic Fudan Microelectronics card F08IC card, ISSIs 4469IC and Kunrui Electronics, Hua Hong Electronics and other production of various cards S50 compatible cards

Technical parameters of JHIC-U card reader.

Interface: USB interface, analog keyboard input, driver-free

Support card type: NXPS50 / S70, domestic compatible cards

Working voltage: rated voltage 5V DC

Operating temperature: 0-50oC

Device size: 130*80*30mm

Data format: output 1-15 alphanumeric combination of card number + carriage return, the length and combination of card number can be customized and written into the card

Operating system: Windows98,Me,2000,XP,WIN7

At present, Card Cubes plug-and-play ic card reader directly uses the card reader to automatically find the card, directly reads the card number at the specified location, and outputs it to the cursor location. This is as convenient as using a card with the same number as the id card. Related product links: contact ic card reader induction ic card reader id card reader

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