Wholesale Customizable RFID Silicone Wristbands

RFID Silicone Wristband is a perfect solution for access control, membership management and E-payment. Not only meet membership management needs but also good for brand communication.

Wristband Purchase Guide

The wristbands listed on this page are available hot sale models. There are accept single RFID chips, dual RFID chips, and removable RFID chips. The size, chip, shape, color, and logo can be customized. We will update new products quarterly. You can download the RFID silicone document to get more information.

China Top RFID Factory Meet All Customization Needs

Cardcube has 12 years of manufacturing experience, 2 factories, supports OEM/ODM, and can customize your various needs. Any other material wristbands, like RFID fabric wristbands, RFID Tyvek wristbands, RFID plastic wristbands, etc., can be customized.

Meet A Variety Of Scenarios And Functions

Silicone wristbands are widely used in: fitness and spa clubs, resorts and cruises, hotels, water parks, theme, and amusement parks, nightclubs, expositions, music festivals and carnivals, hospitals, schools, zoos, soccer tickets, and other scenes.

Since its stable performance with water resistance, high-temperature resistance, moisture resistance, shock resistance, and durability. And it supports low-frequency, high-frequency and ultra-high-frequency chips implanted in silicone wristbands, which can realize the functions of achieving identification, access control, electronic payment, electronic ticket, membership expense management, etc.

meet the high-end needs of large customers

With its own powerful factory and 12 years of experience in production and operation, Cardcube has established stable and friendly business relationships with world-famous semiconductor companies like Philips NXP, EM Texas Instruments, Infineon, Fudan Microelectronics, HUAXIN, Alien, Siemens, Impinj, ST, etc. The products are exported to more than 50 countries such as Nigeria, Germany, France, UK, USA, Japan, etc.

water parks
spa clubs
sports club
electronic payment

Popular Wristband

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Support OEM/ODM customization requirements for RFID silicone wristbands

Support custom chips

  • Low frequency (125KHz): TK4100 ,EM4200 ,EM4305 ,T5577 ,Hitag 1 ,Hitag S2048;
  • High frequency (13.56MHz): Mifare Classic S50 1k ,Mifare Classic S70 4k ,FM 11RF08 ,Ultralight EV1 ,Ultralight-C ,NTAG213 ,NTAG215 ,NTAG216 ,I Code SLIX ,Ti2048 , DesFire 2K/4K/8K, Fudan 1k, Fudan 4k;
  • UHF (860MHz-960MHz): Monza 5

Customizable with various materials and processing technology

Cardcube’s OEM workshop has ten vulcanizing machines and ten injection molding machines that can be customized with materials such as Silicone, PPS, ABS, TPU, PC, and PVC. The various processing technology is supported: unique QR codes, serial numbers, bar codes, embossing, embossing, laser printing, etc.

Colors and logos can be customized

Customize any Pantone color according to your favorite color, and customize the wristband with your desired logo, text, or pattern.

Molds can be made for special products

We can make custom molds according to your design drawings and help you complete various personalized processes while producing the finished product.

Services we can promise

Products meet international standards, factory price, free samples, one-year product warranty, meet all customized needs, design service available, 7 days shipping (less than 3000 products)

Why choose CardCube ?

CardCube produces over 12 million RFID wristbands per year.

12 years of experience in RFID custom product manufacturing.

CardCube is the supplier of Nigeria Voter Card, Malaysia Metro Project, Argentina Bus Card Project, Walmart, Hilton, Sheraton, Marrito, HYATT, Best Wester to provide customers with satisfactory products and services.

Customers can get a good delivery guarantee from CardCube.

Professional R&D team and manufacturing team provide customers with one-stop service of R&D, design, production, personalization and packaging.


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I want to let you know the outstanding job Alex is doing for our company. He reaches out to us to find out if we need anything and when we do ask for further assist and expedite, he continues to meet our needs. We hope to continue the relationship with you guys in the future.
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Your goods are good quality and good packing! Thanks for everything!
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I am so amazed by the quality of these RFID wristbands! And the speed in which I received them was unreal! THANK YOU so much for the perfect products in such a quick turnaround time!
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zhu very comunnicated person , good quality product , fast.
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The communication are very good and the products are excellent. Very nice to work with this company. I like it and all are working as discussed. Great Job and great People.

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