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Teach you how to choose the right card manufacturer for you

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First, understand what you need to do with your cards.

Teach you how to choose the right card manufacturer for you

Teach you how to choose the right card manufacturer for you

Do you want to be dumbfounded? Can't resist saying, "I don't know card making yet? ; The printing mentioned here refers to which category the product to be printed should belong to. No one in the world can print all the card products.

Membership cards can be divided into: ordinary card-making membership cards, magnetic stripe membership cards IC membership cards, ID there are several kinds of membership cards and metal membership cards.

Membership card can be divided into hotel membership card, food membership card, travel membership card, medical membership card, hairdressing membership card, clothing membership card, Internet cafe membership card.

Membership cards can be divided into VIP membership cards, gold membership cards, silver membership cards and ordinary membership cards.

If you find intermediary companies such as advertising design, gift and system companies, there is no production capacity at all, and they can only be sent to card making companies or factories for operation.

Second, different quality requirements can decide what kind of card making company to find. Generally speaking, the quality of products from large manufacturers will be more guaranteed. Because of the advanced equipment and the quality of employees are higher. The strong guarantee of product quality depends on the perfect manufacturer management system and perfect processing equipment. It is the latter two points that do ensure the long-term stability of product quality. In fact, although many manufacturers are small in scale, the sophistication of the equipment and the quality of the employees are not worse than the large factories. What they lack is perfect management and product processing equipment, resulting in high product quality volatility. Therefore, when the product requirements are high, you need to choose large and medium-sized card manufacturing companies. Also, how to locate the product quality? After the bit product quality requirements, find the corresponding suppliers will be more targeted. Of course, the above instructions are only for general product quality positioning.

Third, how much you need to print.

The quantity directly affects the choice of card making company. If you need to make 10,000 to hundreds of thousands of membership cards, you can choose a small and medium-sized card factory. Because in terms of quantity, printing 10,000 such brochures for brochures are not a problem, quality and quantity are well guaranteed. However, if the quantity rises to 1 million or 10 million, you should choose a medium or large card manufacturer, because only manufacturers of a certain size have enough production capacity to complete the task in a certain time and according to quality. (Small card factory means less than 100 people, medium means more than 300 people, and large means more than 300 people. Note: This division standard is only a family words, for reference only)

Fourth, according to the price affordability to choose the card supplier.

As the saying goes: "a penny, a penny. If the price affordability is not high, you can only find non-brand-name card factory. Name brand and non-name brand price difference is great, because the brand is an intangible value, in quality has a very good reputation, needless to say.

Fifth, give the card company a little more time, a little more time.

Do you think this is strange? How to consider the time of the card making company? Because you must have enough time to find a large manufacturer to make cards. Generally speaking, the mass production schedule is already arranged, and without enough time, they simply cannot arrange the production. Even if you are not looking for a large manufacturer to underwrite the printing, you still have to give more time. As the saying goes - "Slow work makes perfect;. Imagine giving someone just a little bit of time and rushing from time to time, and how can you produce a good product? And time enough, of course, you can slow work and quality assurance. Very often, it is because of this time set aside not enough, the quality of the product is the problem. And the more time set aside, the more opportunities to choose, the better the price of the product, the more guaranteed product quality.

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