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What are the advantages of induction PVC card for Gansu hospital

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Today, hospitals in Gansu Province use inductive PVC cards as medical cards for certain reasons, on the one hand, inductive PVC on the other hand, the use of inductive cards is the development trend and equipment requirements PVC the card has the innate advantage of meeting the requirements of modern equipment. And then what are the advantages of inductive PVC cards? Let us briefly introduce the card cube.

What are the advantages of induction PVC card medical card used in Gansu hospitals

Gansu Hospital Medical Card

The advantages of inductive PVC cards are as follows:

1. High reliability, can prevent insertion of cards, dust, oil caused by various failures; card surface without bare chips, no chip off, electrostatic breakdown, bending damage; easy and fast operation, can be operated within the effective range; no direction; improve reading speed, card and reader without mechanical contact.

2. RF card has the ability to move to distinguish) RF card has fast anti-conflict data interference, the reader can handle multiple induction cards at the same time.

3. Easy to operate. Because the non-contact communication, read-write in 10CM card can operate in the range, read the card distance generally according to the different machine.

4. Wide range of applications, RF card storage structure characteristics make it possible to a card applied to different systems, the user can set different passwords and access conditions according to different applications.

5. Encryption performance is good, two-way verification mechanism, each fan area has the operation password and access conditions.

The above inductive PVC in terms of the advantages of the card, inductive PVC card can not only meet the requirements of hospital equipment, but also help Gansu to implement the development of a card, because the characteristics of inductive PVC card has been revealed, good scalability and encryption performance. Therefore, in the future development of hospital medical cards, inductive PVC card is the first choice for hospitals in Gansu!

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