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The type of chip used in the driving school student card and the function of the driving school student card

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Driving school is a very hot school nowadays, and with the increasing number of students, many driving schools are implementing driving school student cards to manage their students. So what kind of chip is used to make the driving school student card and what are the specific functions of the driving school student card? Let's take a look below.

The type of chip used in the driving school student card and the function of the driving school student cardThe type of chip used in the driving school student card and the function of the driving school student card

The most commonly used chip for driving school student cards is the contact 4428 chip and contact 24C series chip.

Contact 4428 chip parameters.

1. 1024-byte encrypted card, there are read data, write data, protect data and password operation

2. 1024 × 8-bit EEPROM

3. Non-recoverable write protection

4. 1024 bits of protection bits

5. Two-byte user password.

6. All data can only be read and not rewritten before the password is verified correctly.

7. Data can be changed after the password is verified correctly, including the password

8. Error counter, the initial value of 8, password check error 1, it will be reduced by 1, if the counter value is 0, the card automatically locked, the data can only be read out, can not be changed and can not be password check; if not zero, there is a password check correct, can be restored to the initial value of 8 each byte of the data area can be individually write-protected, write-protected, the content can not be changed (that is, solid data)

24C series chip parameters.

1.24C is the series number, the digital part is K-bit capacity, respectively 1K, 2K, 4K, 8K, 16K, 64K

2. Operating frequency is lMHz (5V), lMHz (2.7V), 400KHz (1.8V)

3. Operating voltage is 5V to l0%, as low as 1.8V on request

4. Current read maximum of lmA, write maximum of 3mA write /

5. Erase times for l00 million times

6. Data retention lO0 years

7. The working temperature is O-70 ℃, according to the requirements can exceed the specified working temperature

8. Mainly used to store some confidentiality requirements are not high data, such as for data storage, telephone cards and campus cards and other fields

The function of the driving school student card.

1、Driving school student personnel management

2、Timing management of driving school students and teaching management of coaches

3、One person, one card, to prevent students from cheating in the process, to ensure that the students practice on time, but also to supervise the teaching time of the coach

4. Effective arrangement in teaching time

The use of driving school student card brings great convenience to the management of driving school. Card Cube is a professional manufacturer of smart cards, and has provided driving school student cards for many driving schools. At present, the company has several smart card production lines, and the production products mainly include chip cards, electronic tags, induction cards, M1 cards, visual cards, hospital visit cards, membership cards, access control cards, parking cards, stored value cards, cpu cards, id cards, key fob cards and other smart cards.

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