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F08 chip is the first contactless card chip developed by Fudan Microelectronics

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F08 chip is the first contactless card chip developed by Fudan Microelectronics, with a capacity of 1Kx8Bits, in line with ISO14443-A international standard operating frequency of 13.56MHz and working distance of not less than 10CM.

F08 chip is the first contactless card chip developed by Fudan Microelectronics

Domestic Fudan F08 chip card Good performance and high security of domestic cards

Domestic Fudan F08 chip with triple anti-counterfeiting certification, including encryption control and communication logic circuit, is a multi-purpose contactless RF card chip with high confidentiality performance and high logic processing function, which can be widely used in low-cost urban rail transit, various billing and payment cards and data collection systems.

Domestic Fudan F08 non-contact card by FM11RF08 chip, antenna and card base; itself does not carry power; through the antenna to obtain the energy issued by the reader, wireless radio frequency technology to achieve communication with the reader.

The good confidentiality performance of the national Fudan F08 RF card is the three mutual authentication process before reading and writing, different card serial number of each card, transmission data encryption, transmission password and access password protection.

The password in the domestic Fudan F08 chip card is protected and unreadable, and can only be modified by users who know the password. different applications in the EEPROM storage area set different passwords (one card for multiple uses). The access password of the fan area is divided into KEYA and KEYB according to the access conditions, two different sets of passwords are verified KEYA or KEYB and then access the memory.

Domestic Fudan F08 chip card applications: attendance system M1 card, access control system M1 card, process control M1 card, enterprise one card system M1 card, parking M1 card, logistics M1 card, animal identification M1 card, identification M industrial automation M1 card, conference sign-in M1 card, electronic tag M1 card, supermarket M1 card, warehouse management M1 card, personnel management M1 card, security system M1 card Medical institution M1 card, keychain M1 card, etc.

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