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Silicone wristband-based payment-visible card

Update time:2023-04-25 10:10:49 / Views:92

Digital silver visual card as a new electronic silver payment card, while retaining the security of payment functions, adding more personalized options, safe and fast access to the mobile Internet, providing mobile financial security, such as mobile money transfer and online secure payment.

1. Main functions and features of the product

- Visual payment

- Identity recognition

- Positioning

- Attendance

- Two-way finding

- Card content can be erased

- With electronic ink screen (ultra-low power consumption, display content without power consumption, non-dual color, simple and generous)

- Can set the display content through APP (can develop your own APP according to the interface document we provide, can integrate multiple functional modules such as image output display, text output display, etc.)

- With NFC tag function

- Can store multiple card information

- Display screen can show: recharge record, consumption points or balance or to-do list or personal exclusive QR code

2. Main components of the product

- E ink electronic paper display

- Security chip

- Fingerprint module

- Bluetooth module

- Silicone wristband RFID electronic tag chip

- NFC chip

- Buzzer

- Other electronic components

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