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The 7 points of VIP card grade upgrade!

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How to do the VIP card is beautiful? What do you need to pay attention to improve the grade of VIP card? Here are seven points to note for VIP card grade.

VIP card grade to improve the 7 points!

The first ⒈ VIP card material. The material of VIP card can be PVC, can also be metal copper, can be new material, can also be ordinary material or transparent material.

The first ⒉ before deciding to make VIP cards, you must consider the design concept of VIP cards to meet the companys corporate culture and requirements.

No.3 The printing content and function function of VIP card. logo? advertising language? Do magnetic card? Bar code card? Chip card? All of these must be considered in advance.

The style of the singular VIP card must also be taken into account. Before designing, you must consider whether the card will be high-end or stylish. Will it be a standard card or a non-standard card? This will affect the design of the card.

The first thing to be careful of is whether the process of the VIP card is appropriate with the card. Flash gold, flash silver, hot stamping, laser, frosted, matte, etc.

The final design of the selected VIP card is based on the above four points.

The level of card making in the card making factory.

Considering the above seven points, I believe that the final production must be a satisfactory VIP card.


①The standard VIP card finished specification is 85.5*54*0.76mm, the design file specification is 88.5*56mm.

② VIP card process are: hot stamping gold and silver, laser, flash gold and silver, convex code, flat code, spray code, magnetic barcode, signature barcode, laser code, frosting, matte, round hole, flat hole, UV, drip glue, etc.

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