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Is it good to make hotel access card with M1 or T5577 chip?

In general, boutique hotel access cards have T5577 card and M we can see the difference between the two.

Hotel access control card is good with M1 or T5577 chip production?

T5577 card belongs to the contactless high-frequency card, the frequency is 125KHz, it is a read-write ability induction card, with a fixed bank account, a total of 2 areas, 7 data information blocks, a login password block, but only a single function.

M1 card, non-contact high frequency card, frequency 13.65KHz, it is a read-write ability induction card with fixed serial number, divided into 16 fan areas, each area is divided into three blocks, with data information and information security function. Each area can be managed separately method and can make intelligent data information. For example: anti-theft lock, consumption, parking, attendance management, etc., that is, a card.

Therefore, from the difference of integrating the two roles, M1 integrated ic will have more roles, T5577 integrated ic function is relatively single, you can choose to customize according to their own requirements.

Why boutique hotels do not need a key to use the door card?

⒈ cost fee

As a company, regardless of the size of cost management, the cost is not only limited to mechanical equipment keys and cards themselves, once the mechanical equipment keys are lost, must be connected to the room security lock, for customers, must pay too high a price, for boutique hotels to replace the lock cylinder is also a very inconvenient thing.

Piece of security

Security is the primary task of the work of boutique hotels, in boutique hotels, will entertain a variety of different national Chinese people, security risks are almost always the focus of the work of boutique hotels, once the machinery and equipment keys are lost, from the perspective of customer capital security, boutique hotels must change the customer until the room security locks removed, the room can be used again for reception, now electronic equipment chess, customers can only sue the front desk reception The chessboard is lost, the receptionist can only make another door card. The previous door card are invalid, do not have to worry about the security risks caused by many people picking up.

The management method of the boutique hotel

The use of electronic devices door card, boutique hotels can more actively manipulate the room, even if the customer does not return the card to the reception, will not hurt the next customer, or customers because of the lack of deposits but must move in again, boutique hotels can not receive money, but also according to the system software to abolish the card, so that customers must come to the reception card, pay the deposit, etc

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