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Drip card production: drip card process!

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Drip card production process process: typesetting - printing - synthesis - punching - quality inspection --drip glue - punching - string, bag - packaging

Drip card production: drip card process!

CardCube shares the process flow of drip card:

I. Computer layout

We will print out a correspondence draft, after the draft to determine the correspondence draft and the original draft consistent, then can be printed production.

The PVC printed by us is single-sided printing, because we have to add core material (pvc material with chip) or intermediate material (add pvc material to reach the required thickness) to the middle.

1, card structure: two single-sided printing of the front and back of the pvc material, the middle to add core material, or add intermediate material positioning layer pressure surface layer.

Second, synthesis

The use of light method, soldering iron positioning, fixing the hole, these materials laminated positioning (corresponding to merge together to ensure that when laminating, several materials can correspond to each other, fixed, will not be misaligned.

1、Lighting method:

The operating table surface is made of glass and other materials with good light transmission, the following is equipped with light whole version of the PVC with chips in the light machine display chart

In the reflection of light, the chip is displayed, a printed surface laminated on the chip, the chip and the pattern content for a unique correspondence, with a heated soldering iron, the two edges of the spot welding positioning, (because PVC is plastic, under the high temperature of the iron, play a bonding fixed role)

The spot welding positioning of the two pvc to get the hole stapling machine to set the hole, diagonal each one, after the hole stapling, take back to the light table, the pvc with core material face up, stapled through the hole in the light table, will transmit light, the remaining one printed surface of the fixed hole position with the light through the fixed hole position correspondingly overlapping, again edge spot welding and positioning purposes, the whole stacking positioning is complete. The whole laminated positioning is completed.

Synthesis: positioning of good pvc in the steel plate laminate after hot pressing surface high temperature combined into one, synthetic positioning of good PVC front and back to add a layer of adhesive film, in order to cover the steel plate or heat pattern, the content will stick to the steel plate

Steel plate has three kinds of surface: light surface, matte surface, frosted surface

1, glossy surface: good surface reflectivity, smooth to the touch

2、Matte surface: weak reflectivity, no scratches

3、Frosted surface: rough surface, with a strong feel

Each of these three has its own advantages and scope of application, the surface effect specific to the requirements to produce.

Drip card is generally matte surface, the glue to drop up, just the right undertaking, to avoid the glossy surface is too slippery, frosted surface is too coarse, drop on the glue water does not move.

(The surface has dust before the addition of adhesive film need to use vacuum scrapers to remove dust, otherwise there will be stains after adding adhesive film) about so repeatedly stacked seven or eight layers, you can put the heat press heating lamination.

After more than 20 minutes to half an hour of fully automatic temperature control of the hot press, the time to the hot press will be prompted to remove the laminated steel plate with cotton gloves, into the cold press to cool down, about twenty minutes after taking out the cooled laminated steel plate after removing the steel plate can be the next process.

Three, punch card

Put the whole version of the card in the machine equipped with the corresponding specifications of the mold, after photoelectric induction alignment of the positioning holes and punching line, start the machine to punch out the card individually.

According to the actual production volume, the standard card (85.5mm*54mm) and square card (30mm*50mm) can be punched by 5 molds of the same size at the same time.

IV. Quality Inspection

According to the work order (on which the customer provides the front and back of the card pattern and the required process) check the appearance of the card card surface whether there are scratches, whether there are burrs, whether the color is complete, whether the surface is clean, there are numbers sorting, whether the sorting is correct, the chip in the card reader test, whether there is induction, failed to do the registration to make up the number, whether it is necessary to add laser code, flat code, write magnetic.

Five, drip glue

Good inspection of the card for the front and back of the drop on the crystal glue.

Card: quality inspection of each card placed on the glass plate according to a certain distance on the card with the number sorted, to be arranged according to the serial number, and the number of glass plates arranged to record the mark

There are two kinds of drip glue: ten-head drip glue and single-head drip glue

Ten-head drip: ten-head drip glue, for 30mm * 50mm specifications of the card, there is a corresponding specifications of the stencil set on the glass plate placed on this stencil set the corresponding specifications of the card placed up, there is a fixed distance of a plate fixed placement of 50 take off the stencil set can be dripping glue.

Sixth, punching holes

According to the requirements of the work order in the corresponding position of the drip card punching, drip card hole for the round hole, the caliber of 3mm, the caliber is too large, the surface of the glue will appear cracks.

Seven, stringing

There is a sort of stringing and bagging, we need to string and bag according to the serial number.

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