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Teach you how to choose a good card manufacturer or card company in Shenzhen

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At present, there are many card manufacturers or card companies in Shenzhen, in the face of these manufacturers or companies, card makers are in a difficult situation, do not know how to make a choice? The following card cube will teach you how to choose a good card manufacturer or card company in Shenzhen.

Teach you how to choose a good card manufacturer or card company in ShenzhenTeach you how to choose a good card manufacturer or card company in Shenzhen

In fact, to choose a good card manufacturer, you need to consider from the following aspects.

The first step: choose a card company that specializes in making PVC cards

Now many companies say they are card manufacturers, but in fact, the real manufacturers are only so many, such as some advertising companies, paper printers, software and other companies, they will also do the business of card production, there will be a lot of membership cards, IC cards, VIP cards, etc., but they are basically not their own production, are looking for others to do, so there is no way to control the quality, and the card process is Not very familiar with the card process, not professional enough, you can not give customers the most professional advice, the card is likely to be made is not the customer like the look, some even originally confirmed good process suddenly said can not do, is because they themselves are not very clear, in the end what process is the most suitable for the card process, they have been at a loss!

Step 2: compare samples

When you call to consult, each will say that our quality is the best, ask a few down, you feel confused, can not tell who said is true, who said is false, how to do? In fact, the best way is to compare the actual sample, seeing is believing, hearing is not believing, only you have seen with your own eyes, after the comparison, to know which products do more detailed, the process is more in place, the specific approach is as follows.

1, compare the color. The color should be bright, can not have signs of fading, so that the ink used on behalf of the good.

2, compare the material. Some card factories use recycled materials, also known as scrap, so made out of very hard, no flexibility, easy to delaminate, even when playing the number, the number is not flat (due to poor flexibility).

3, compare some common processes. Common processes are hot stamping silver, UV, silver bottom, printing gold and silver, convex code and other processes, to compare whether the hot stamping is flat, UV is prominent enough, whether the set is accurate, printing gold and silver is delicate enough, convex code when flat, etc. In a word, the details determine the quality, even the details are not good business, not to mention the overall quality, how to talk about good materials, good quality, said again, are empty words.

The third step: feel the service

The quality of service is always indispensable, even if the quality is good, if the service is not good, cooperation is not comfortable. Service is a necessary condition for doing long-term customers, indispensable less. Each customer is hoping that later when there is a problem, the main body of the business do not shirk responsibility, otherwise that will make customers feel very bad, even if you buy more cheap, customers will not buy again.

The above suggestions are for reference only. I hope that businessmen can choose a manufacturer with good quality and good after-sales service. Shenzhen Card Cube is a professional smart card manufacturer, with 13 years of card making experience, in the production of pvc cards all use new materials, quality has a good guarantee. The company also has a group of professional design team and technical personnel, who can provide you with free card layout design and technical support. The company also promises: all the pvc cards made in our company, within 1 year, quality problems, we replace the new card for you for free!

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