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24C02IC card is a kind of IC card, 24C02IC card is embedded in the ordinary PVC card IC chip

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24C02IC card is a kind of IC card, 24C02IC card is embedded in the ordinary PVC card IC chip, this chip is external. 24C02IC card through the IC chip record information, the card IC chip record information and the corresponding read-write device to write or read to complete the system required operation. The current market application is also very wide.

24C02IC card is a kind of IC card, 24C02IC card is embedded in the ordinary PVC card IC chip

Contact 24C02IC card technical parameters and application scope

The 24C02 series chip is one of the earliest memory chips produced by Atmel. 24C02IC card products of the same series include 24C01IC card/24C02IC card/24C04IC card/24C08IC card/24C16IC card/24C32IC card/24C64IC card and so on.

Technical parameters of contact type 24C02IC card.

Working temperature industrial grade -55℃+125℃

Commercial grade 0℃+75℃

Storage temperature -65℃+150℃

Each pin withstand voltage -2.0Vcc+2.0V

Vcc pin withstand voltage -2.0+7.0V

Package power loss (Ta=25℃)1.0W

Solder temperature (10 seconds) 300℃

Output short-circuit current 100mA

Contact 24C02IC card applications: code card, guide IC card, accounting card, Internet cafe card, all kinds of electronic consumer cards, telephone cards, cab cards, query cards, door lock cards, traffic management cards, tax management cards, health care cards, utility management cards, etc.

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