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Pet store keychain card how to design

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How to design the pet store keychain card?

I just opened a new pet store, hoping to realize the membership system, and need to order a batch of keychain cards. How should this pet store keychain card be designed for the first time?

The main point of how to design a keychain card is what industry you are in, according to your industry design the relevant keychain card in order to give your store play advertising display effect, you are a pet store, so the first thing you need is to provide the designer with your store logo, your store name, according to the store industry so you need to put a common pet, if there is a slogan can write, if not, refuse to put too much text on the the front. The back of the card is mainly a note on the instructions for using the keychain card. The address and phone number of the store are designed in this way. For pet stores, it is recommended that the card be designed in warm colors to emphasize quality service.

Demonstration of card holding instructions on the back of the pet store.

1. This card is a symbol of your nobility in the pet store;

2、Please take the initiative to present this card at the checkout to enjoy the preferential treatment stipulated by the shop;

3、This card can only be used by yourself, can not be lent to others, please keep it safe;

4、The final interpretation right belongs to the pet store.

If you already have the design, you can send the design directly to us for printing and production. If not, you can provide the name of your store, LOGO We have a professional designer to design for you. For card consultation, please click on the website QQ or online customer service to learn more.

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