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The answer to why shaped cards are more expensive than standard cards

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Personalized shaped cards can give people a different feeling so that people can use to remember not to be forgotten in the wave of today's businesses moving for membership cards, but people who have customized shaped cards in card manufacturers know that shaped cards will be more expensive than ordinary standard cards, which is why? What is more expensive than a standard card?

The answer to why shaped cards are more expensive than standard cardsThe answer to why shaped cards are more expensive than standard cards

What is shaped? A: Shaped card, as the name suggests, is not limited by the size of the production, resulting in a lot of shapes and sizes of "strange card;, we call it shaped card.

How to do shaped? A: It has an irregular shape, from this point of view to do shaped cards need special grinding tool to punch out, printing words is necessary to open a special edition.

Why do I need a special die to punch out? A: Because if the shape of your shaped card is very personalized, not very common use, you need to have a special punching and cutting tool.

What if the die is not available? A: Then you have to spend money to reopen the die, open a die is to increase the price.

Then why should the printing open a special edition? A: Because the shaped card is no one else and you put together, so you can only open the special edition of your card printing, here to open the special edition of the price of printing and another price increase.

So, these costs do not add up to a high price, if the production of standard membership cards that there are many customers with you to put together, so you do not have to open a special edition without opening the mold, the price is also much less, but some special cards must still open a special edition printing to produce.

So I hope you customers can understand that manufacturers are not indiscriminate pricing, some costs are unavoidable. Every manufacturer and every company wants to keep long-term cooperation with customers, so the price is reasonable, I hope you understand. Card Cube makes all kinds of shaped cards and membership cards, and they are absolutely good value for money.

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