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T5577 card application classification, market trends and applicable industries -CardCube Smart Card

T5577 card, also known as RF card, is a Smart card technology just developed in recent years, can read information within 5mm-10mm, its convenience, speed, security outlawed most of the Smart cards, currently in the Smart card industry is considered a higher-end products.

The T5577 card is a multi-functional contactless RW identification integrated circuit from Atmel Corporation, USA, for the 125 KHz frequency range. The chip requires the connection of an antenna coil, which is considered to be the power supply for the chip circuit and the interface for communication of bi-directional information. The antenna and the chip together form the inductive card or tag. The chip has a total of 330 bits of EPROM (distributed in 10 blocks of 33 bits each) and can be read and written from the T5577 reader.

Advantages: T5577 contactless IC card, with anti-magnetic, anti-static, vandal resistant and durable, good anti-counterfeiting, high security of stored data (can be encrypted, large data storage capacity, low cost of application equipment and system network environment, etc. T5577 contactless IC card is implemented in accordance with ISO7816 standard, mainly used in telecommunications, banking, securities, insurance, transportation, industry and commerce,, finance, real estate, health, logistics, etc. finance,,, real estate, health, logistics, shopping malls and other areas of society preferred products.

 (RF card - parking card)

Parking card, access card, campus card, city card, membership points card, fitness club ic card, business club ic card, leisure club ic card, golf club ic card car beauty card, car service card, car repair and maintenance card, car club VIP card; hotel room card, hotel ic stored value card, hotel magnetic strip VIP card, hotel VIP card and other areas of the card, in the current market trend It seems that the T5577 card has become a mainstream product in the Smart card industry, and all the first-tier cities in the country have adopted the principle of T5577 card production.


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