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The principle of the electronic label and its use in the market

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The electronic label also RFID technology, transponder, data carrier, electronic label and reader between the space (contactless) coupling; in the coupling channel, energy transfer and data exchange according to the time sequence relationship to achieve.

The principle of the electronic label and its use in the market

The principle of the electronic label and its use in the market

The working principle of the electronic label.

The basic working principle of RFID technology is not complicated: the tag enters the magnetic field, receives the radio frequency signal from the decoder, and sends the product information stored in the chip (PassiveTag, passive tag or passive tag) or actively sends the frequency signal (ActiveTag, active tag or active tag) through the energy obtained from the induction current; the decoder reads the information and decodes it, and sends the The relevant data is sent to the central information system.

Electronic tag

RFID (radio frequency identification) system consists of two parts: read-write unit and electronic transceiver. The reader sends out electromagnetic pulses through the antenna, the transceiver receives these pulses and sends the stored information to the reader as a response. In fact, it is non-contact read, write or delete the data of the memory.

Technically speaking, the "smart tag; consists of an RFID that includes ownership of the RFID radio frequency part and an ultra-thin antenna loop RFID chip The antenna is embedded in the tag with a plastic sheet. Usually, a paper tag is attached to this tag, and some important information can be clearly printed on the paper tag. Current smart tags are generally credit card size, small goods have 4.5 x 4.5cm there are also size tags CD and DVD diameter 4.7cm round tags.

The use of electronic tags on the market.

Electronic tags as data carriers can play a role in identification, tracking and collection of information. In foreign countries, the electronic label has been widely used in various fields. Such as: anti-counterfeiting, production line management, storage management, sales channel management, valuables management, book management, rental products management, etc. Related knowledge link: the advantages of wireless radio frequency card and the application of wireless radio frequency card technology

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