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Access card: long knowledge!

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For many communities, access cards have become one of the essential devices that people use to enter the community. However, over time, many homes will lose their access cards. What can we do if the access card disappears? How do we replenish access cards at this point?

Access cards: long knowledge!

Replacing access cards

What is an access card? The basic definition of access control card original intelligent access control system consists of a host, card reader and electric lock (add computer and communication converter when networking). Card reading circle is a non-contact card reading method. The cardholder can only quickly swing the card near the reader (5-15cm) once, the reader can feel the card and direct the information in the card (card number) to the host. The host first checks the illegality of the card, and then decides whether to close it.

You need ID documents to apply for an access card. In addition, you need to provide the building number where you live, the door number and the phone number. The access card is not only a key, but also an electronic ID card. Information can be read, written and modified.

After 2010, the mainstream card type should belong to IC card, but CPU is developing rapidly and is a trend. IC card has a wide range of applications, on the one hand, high security; on the other hand, it brings convenience to one card, integrating access control, elevator, parking, consumption, time and attendance, patrol, intelligent channel, etc. into one system, without networking to achieve the function of one card.

Access card knowledge

Access Control Card Technology: Due to non-contact card reading technology, into the late 1990s ID With the continuous development of card technology and communication technology, access control systems have also made progress under the influence of intelligent trends. The original access control plan uses non-contact ID card is a chip card that does not require physical contact to achieve the transfer of information. The instantaneous energy required to read the information is provided by the card reader, and the induction interval is 10-15cm a card with multiple effects.

access card information access card information when: RFID when the chip card through the card reader, the card reader emits electromagnetic waves will begin to read the information in the card, not only can read, but also write and modify. Therefore, the chip card is not only a key, but also an electronic ID card. Because as long as you write your personal data in the chip, you can know who goes in and out of the card reader. The same technology is used in shopping malls for security chips, etc.

Access card shape:According to the shape is divided into standard cards and shaped cards. Standard card is the international unified size of the card, size 85.5mm54mm0.76mm. nowadays, due to the printing of individual needs are not limited by the size, there are many kinds of countries around the world." Weird" cards, we call them shaped cards.

With access cards, when we enter a community, we have a relevant pass. But when we find that our access card is missing, we dont have to worry too much. At this time, we can prepare the above-mentioned relevant materials to better carry out the community access card supplement business.

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