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Access control card, door lock card management program

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Access control is the first line of defense for company security and employee safety, directly related to the company and personal safety. Each of our employees have access cards and keys to enjoy the convenience of free access to the company and the park, but also to assume the obligations and responsibilities of the companys security.

In order to strengthen company security management, ensure company and personal property security and normal order, provide access control support and protection for employees and outsourced personnel, external visitors, and interns, and at the same time improve the corporate image, access cards and keys management process and methods are developed in conjunction with the actual company situation.

The general principle of management is security and timeliness. The aim is to provide appropriate access control support according to different user groups and to improve efficiency within a defined time frame.

Depending on the companys current situation, access cards are divided into the following main types.

 Employee access cards: for employees who need to work or meet in the company for a long time

 Intern access cards: for company interns to provide access control support

 Third party staff access cards for security, cleaning, engineering, customer service, construction, etc. to provide access control support

 Visitor cards: access control support for external visitors and outsourced employees who frequently enter and exit the company

 Passes: Passes for external visitors on short term visits, no access control support. Visitors must be accompanied by a company employee when entering the company using an access pass.

 Departmental Access Card: A departmental card is an access card requested by the applicant on behalf of the department with the approval of the department head.

The access card will be divided into different access privileges according to different work areas or different company confidentiality levels. Generally divided into ordinary permissions (i.e., most areas), equipment area permissions (such as IT equipment room, mechanical and electrical equipment room, monitoring center, etc.), senior confidential area permissions (such as R&D center, data center, etc.), production area permissions, etc.

Access card application process is generally divided into four steps that

First, the applicant and his or her department head initiate the request (filling in the application information and access control authority requirements and approval by the department).

The applicant should then submit the request to the person responsible for the access card.

The person in charge of the access card then reviews the requirement.

Judgment of the necessity and accuracy of the requirement, approved by the head of the administration department.

Finally, the person in charge of the access card processes the demand.

The above completes the access card application and issuance process.

After applying for an access card, if you need to add special access privileges requirements, the application process is also divided into four steps, the applicant for access privileges to fill out the application for access privileges, the applicant submits to the administrative department, the administrative department card responsible according to the application information, and finally the person in charge of access cards to update the employee privilege records.

All keys of the company are generally managed by the security guards, and each door should be kept as a spare key so that it can be opened at any time in case of emergency. Spare keys for special areas need to be managed by security, such as spare keys for warehouses where personnel files, financial files and contract files are stored.

The process for requesting and returning keys is also clearly defined. The applicant fills out a key application form during the application process and submits it to the department head and administration department head for signature and approval, and the administration department key holder finally notifies the security supervisor to issue the key to the applicant. Keys should be returned to the security supervisor in a timely manner after use. When an employee leaves, the security supervisor should confirm the handover or return of the key on the handover form.

If the employee leaves the company, the access card will be cancelled in accordance with the exit procedures of the Administration Department and the access card will be withdrawn.

The forms involved in the above process, including application forms and handover forms, can be developed as standard templates for applicants to use in their applications. Through the above process and management methods, it is believed that it will play a more practical role in regulating the security management of the company and really help the company to run safely and efficiently.

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