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The standard of keychain card design manuscript and keychain card size

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The standard of keychain card design manuscript and keychain card size

Standard VIP card size: 88.5.5×57mm (1.5mm bleeding position on each side).

Second, the standard keychain card finished size: finished keychain card size 85.5.5 × 54mm; when placing an order, please specify the size of the shaped card;

Third, the keychain card layout method: keychain card layout, please put the text and other content in the cutting line 3mm, keychain card cutting will be more beautiful;

Fourth, keychain card style: In the production of keychain card, should pay attention to the distance from the convex code to the edge should be 3mm; magnetic strip to the edge of the distance of 4mm, the width of the magnetic strip is 12.7mm.

V. Keychain card production software: The company accepts files made by coreldraww, Illustrator, Freehand, Photoshop software tools; text needs curves or outside frames;

Six, keychain card format requirements: 1, CorelDraw please store as CDR format (using CorelDraw special effects graphics, please convert to bitmap, bitmap resolution of 350dpi).

2、Freehand, please store Illlustrator into EPS format (external image file, need to attach the file).

3. Please store Photoshop in TIF or JPG format with file resolution over 350dpi.

7. Please set the color mode of the keychain card production file to C.M.Y.K mode.

If the line is less than 0.076mm, printing will not be displayed, should be set not less than 0.076mm.

Nine, the color setting value should not be less than 5%, so that the color can not be shown.

X. Files made in Photoshop, keychain card production size of 88.5 × 57mm, two files are stored in the front and back.

Color instructions: xi. Color instructions: 1. Printing color can not be required by the color of the screen or printout. Do not use special colors when filling colors. The production must refer to the color value of CMYK % number to fill the color.

Otherwise, the color difference will not be returned.

2, the same file in different printing, there will be slight differences in color, coffee, dark green, dark purple, etc., more likely to deviation problems, which is normal.

3, do not use black letters C: 100, M: 100, Y: 100, K: four-color fill 100, four-color fill the total value of more than 250% printing is likely to cause the above large color block

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