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M1 card how to do read out the number and the card surface number consistent

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 Inductive IC card (i.e. M1 card) Introduction

Induction IC card (i.e. M1 card) refers to the abbreviation of the chip produced by Philips subsidiary NXP, the full name of NXPMifare a series of commonly used S50 and S use 70 two models of PVC package M1 chip, induction antenna, and then pressed into shape the card is the smart card industry said M1 card, belongs to the contactless IC card. Contactless IC is also known as RF card. Domestic common M1 card, Fudan M1 card, Hua Hong M1 card, Kunrui M1 card, ISSIM is mainly used for bus IC card, parking IC card, access control IC card, membership IC card, etc..

M1 card how to do read out the number and the card surface number consistent

M1 card how to do read out the number and the card surface number consistent

II.How to use M1 card can make the reading number and the card surface number consistent

There are several methods commonly used in the M membership card, one is to directly read the code number inside the M1 card for the membership card number. One is the use of M1 card reader in the M membership information written 1 card as a membership card. There is another M member number written 1 card, use M1 card reader JHIC-U directly read the membership card number to use. Now many BS in the network version of the structure of the management system or management system, integrated M1 card reader is more trouble, different versions of the browser led to the development of different controls, not convenient enough to use, many direct use M1 card number as a member card number. In order to ensure that the M1 card internal number and external number consistent, direct use of M1 card internal code number need to read the M1 card internal code number, and then hit the code device M1 card. This mode of operation can ensure that the M1 card internal and external numbers are consistent, but because the M1 card internal code number belongs to the chaotic code number, it is not convenient to use and cannot be effectively managed. The use of the number written in the M in 1 card, and then through the M1 card reader JHIC-U direct reading is more convenient, can ensure that the internal and external number consistent, but also M1 card number self-management. If the card issued in 2015 than the number can be coded as NO. starting from 1500001, the card issued in Shanghai can be written as NO. 021000001 and so on. Because of this advantage, JHIC-U card reader is also called interlocking version of the membership management system special M1 card reader.

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