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RFID Cards Blank or Custom Printed 

Contact or Contactless RFID Cards. Use our PVC RFID cards for access control, as contactless hotel room keys, for RFID locker locks, staff identification cards, for payment and transport applications, as well as for customer loyalty, brand activations and marketing programs. Available with 125 KHz, 13.56 MHz or UHF chips.

offers RFID cards for businesses looking for cashless and contactless solutions to access control and transactions. RFID cards are perfect for hotels, theme parks, festivals and event organisers looking to enhance their security, site accessibility and revenue all whilst improving customer satisfaction.

Blank or Customized. Our cards are made of high-quality PVC and offered blank or with CMYK printing on the front and back side of the card. Customized card features include embossing, magnetic stripes, data encoding, scratch off, signature panels and bar and QR codes.

Factory Direct Pricing. Contact us today for a free consultation and pricing.