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NTAG215 Printed Color Card


Ntag215 Printed Color Card is also called RFID/NFC Ntag215 chips card. CardCube Ntag215 Printed color cards support full-color printing or one color printing. And there are many printing processes you can choose, like Bar code, QR code, hot foil, embossing, UV Spot, matte finish, etc.

CardCube is dedicated to perfecting the products through continuous innovation, offering the perfect cards to you: chip stability, magnificently printed, and low price.

Product details

According to the type of chip, the RFID chip card can be divided into low- frequency card (125KHz), high-frequency card (13.56MHz), UHF card (860-960MHz). 

Ntag215 printed Color card belongs to the high-frequency card, working on 13.56MHz. It is generally made of PVC or PET or Paper material, and features 

excellent safety performance and better RF performance.

RFID Ntag215 Chips Card is widely used in financial management, social security, transportation tourism, health care, government administration, retail, 

storage and transportation, member management, access control attendance, identification, highways, hotels, entertainment, school management, etc.


A variety of printing and craft processes are available

Exquisite in craftsmanship, smooth and without burrs, no indentation.

Affordable, high quality, and support customization.

Support double-sided printing

Operating frequency of 13.56MHz

100% compatible with NFC-enabled devices

Operating range up to 100mm (depending on various parameters)

504 bytes of user data

32-bit password authentication, better safety performance

Integrated originality signature, providing a simple but powerful product authentication method.


CardCube Ntag215 print card supports various printing options, including silk-screen, offset print, silk-screen & offset print, digital print, and come in many crafts,

 like Logo or number printing, Bar code, QR code, hot foil, embossing, UV Spot, matte finish, etc.

Printing process for rfid card


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