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smart card 3

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A smart card is a device that can identify or authenticate the size of a credit card. Smart card contact card types need to be inserted into a card acceptance device (CAD) can only be read. In many cases, the keypad is the access point for many computer functions. A smart card keypad is a keypad that contains a CAD, and as such it is a means of increasing the security of using a computer by using a low cost device to control access to the computer. Industries that use smart card keypads include banking, healthcare and government agencies.

Smart Card

A smart card keyboard is typically a wired USB 2.0 keyboard and may be full size or compact. It may be in a standard QWERTY configuration or ergonomically designed. However, it is designed, but it has many keys and the smart card keypad is equipped with a smart card reader integrated into it. One manufacturer claims that its smart card reader facilitates the insertion of more than 50,000 cards, while another manufacturer estimates that it can be inserted 10,000 times.

Smart card keypad access can be set up with a dual authentication setting that combines something the user knows (such as a user name and/or password) with the items the user needs - in combination with a smart card. The benefits of smart card keypad systems include simpler security than other systems and better security than standard computer login systems to further limit the possibility of unauthorized access. Smart card technology can be configured to make the computer inoperable in the event of loss or theft. To further improve security, biometric measurements such as fingerprint scanning can be added.

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