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Smart Card _2

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The development of smart cards also brings us a lot of convenience, smart cards began to be used in various areas of our life, for example, when we go to a hotel with friends to eat checkout, bank smart cards play a role, before need to bring a lot of cash both inconvenient and insecure, now only need to bring a small bank card; for example, when we want to go to the bank to withdraw or transfer money, we used to need to take the account book, now only need a bank card to operate at a teller machine, and it can be done easily, which is both convenient and time-saving. Another example of the widespread use of smart cards: Nowadays, when companies do attendance management, they generally swipe their cards. By checking the system at the end of each month, we can understand the attendance of the companys employees, and no longer use signatures or other methods to record and count attendance as before; there are also access control systems used in communities, which generally use access control smart cards, which improves the management efficiency and security of community properties; it can be said that smart cards have penetrated into highways, food, finance, commerce, beauty, telecommunications, post and telecommunications, taxation, medical insurance, transportation and many other industries, bringing different degrees of changes and progress to various industries.

Smart Card

Among PVC cards, smart cards are packaged with different types of chips, and different types of smart cards are used in different applications in life, for example, S50 chip type smart cards are mainly used for enterprise/campus one card, public transportation stored value card, highway toll, parking lot, community management, stored value, etc. TK4100 chip type smart cards are mainly used for identification, examination system, access control system, low frequency The T577 chip smart card is mainly used for parking, community management, stored value consumption, etc. The EM420/4305 chip smart card is mainly used for animal tagging, fertilizer management, industrial logistics management and access control applications.

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