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Do you know what is silk-screened gold background glossy card? Many customers may only know the magnetic stripe card

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Do you know what is silk-screened gold background glossy card? Many customers may only know the magnetic stripe card, IC card, id card, barcode card, etc. when they customize the membership card, but they are not very familiar with the silk-screened gold background glossy card.

Do you know what is silk-screened gold background glossy card? Many customers may only know the magnetic stripe card

Do you know what is silkscreen gold background glossy card?

PEEMBOSS is to engrave a copper mold first, if the pattern is a color, pour the rubber material into it and come out, if it is multi-color, it is a little trouble.

In fact, screen printing gold background glossy card in the screen printing it is a special process, can be printed on the membership card. There are two methods of production of screen printing.

Direct plate making method

Method: direct plate making method is in the plate making first coated with light-sensitive material wrist film base light-sensitive film face up flat on the workbench surface, the taut wrist screen frame flat on the base, and then in the frame into the light-sensitive paste and soft squeegee pressure coating, fully dried after uncovering the plastic base, attached to the light-sensitive film wrist screen can be used for sunburning, by the development, after drying out the screen printing screen plate.

Process flow: has been taut screen - degreasing - drying - stripping the sheet base - exposure --Developing --Drying --Trimming --Sealing

Indirect plate making method

Method: The indirect plate making method is to expose the indirect film first, harden with 1.2% H2O2 and then develop with warm water, dry and make a peelable graphic negative, the plate making will be graphic negative film surface and taut screen, by squeezing the film and wet screen paste solid, uncover the film base, dry with the wind to make screen printing plate.

Process flow.

1). Has been taut screen - degreasing - drying

2). Indirect film - exposure - hardening - development

1and2 - lamination - blowing dry - plate repair - sealing network

(3) straight between the mixed plate making method

First, the photopolymer layer is glued to the screen frame with water, alcohol or photopolymer, and after drying by hot air, the photographic film base is removed, and then the plate is tanned, and the screen plate is made after the development process.

Screen printing can only print one color at a time, which is well known. That for multi-color printing to go to the complex, tedious color registration! Color registration is a high technical requirement, the technical staff in this area is relatively few, less color okay, if you need to print four or five colors at a time, it is inevitable that the phenomenon of inaccurate color registration. So screen printing gold background glossy card or screen printing silver background glossy card are sprinkled with gold powder and silver powder production.

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