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What types of visiting cards are currently used in hospitals?

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Every hospital now requires a medical card. As new technology has evolved, so have the types of medical cards. What types of medical cards are currently used in hospitals? Let's take a look.

What types of visiting cards are currently used in hospitals?What types of visiting cards are currently used in hospitals?

Types of hospital medical cards.

1 magnetic stripe card now in hospitals, some because the system is the old hospital management system, so still use the magnetic stripe card as a medical card, on the one hand, the system restrictions, on the other hand, the magnetic stripe card is easy and cheap to use, the cost can save part of the management costs.

2 barcode card barcode card and magnetic stripe card is almost the same era of the product, the two use of similar principles, low production costs.

3ID With the upgrade of the system, the use of induction cards is becoming more and more common and convenient, ID cards are now also used by many hospitals. Since the data is transmitted by induction, its high efficiency and fast credit card improves the speed of payment and the speed of reading information by doctors.

4 Contact IC card Contact IC The card has a storage function and encryption function, and is also used by many hospitals. This is inserted card, simple to use, but the chip is susceptible to the external environment and easy to damage the chip.

5 inductive IC card inductive IC this card is non-contact chip card, also has storage, encryption and other functions, also through the frequency transmission data, swipe card fast, high efficiency.

These are the five types of medical cards you want to customize hospital medical cards, you can choose our card cube. Card Cube's factory producing medical cards can provide customers with magnetic stripe cards, barcode cards, ID cards, IC and corresponding card reading devices and management systems. If you have any questions, you can consult our customer service online, and we will answer you in detail. The company can provide free sample cards and medical card layout design for customers, welcome!

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