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Canteen dining card as an integral part of the canteen meal system, which contains the amount of money

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Canteen dining card as an integral part of the canteen meal system, which contains the amount of money, then this canteen dining card using what card, the specific use of what type of chip is better? Now canteen dining card can be sealed id chip, ic chip or cpu chip, but still some people will ask: "what chip is currently canteen dining card package is better;, the following we come to understand it.

Canteen dining card as an integral part of the canteen meal system, which contains the amount of money

What chip is better to encapsulate the canteen dining card at present

Cafeteria dining card

Canteen dining card is a commonly used card, if it is used in factories and schools, is also a relatively large amount of a smart card, the current canteen dining card is mainly encapsulated ic card or id card, is also a chip we commonly used, as for the installation of which chip card, we can see from their advantages.

IC card is an integrated circuit card, also known as smart card, it is a microelectronic chip embedded in the card base in line with the ISO7816 standard, made into the form of a card. ic card and read-write communication can be contact, can also be non-contact. ic card has the advantage of information security engaged, easy to carry, but also has a relatively good standardization. And now there are more manufacturers of IC cards, so the price is gradually reduced.

ID card is a non-writable induction card, containing a fixed number, only the use of the "card number; only, the card in addition to the card number, no secrecy function, the "card number; is open, bare. So that the ID card is "inductive magnetic card;.

As for the cpu chip, it belongs to the real sense of the smart card, but now the market cpu chip is mainly used in the financial industry, the production cost is also relatively high, so for the canteen dining card is not suitable for use.

So whether it is a canteen ic card or a canteen id card, at present it is mainly customized according to the needs of manufacturers. Perhaps in the future, people's requirements for information security will require a more secure smart card. At present, Card Cube is developing a kind of serial number ic card and serial number ic card reader in accordance with the market, among which the jhic-u model serial number ic card reader can also be said to be a kind of driver-free plug-and-play reader, which can read the card without any driver and is very convenient to use. Related products link: bus ic card access control ic card campus ic card

Card Cube is a professional smart card manufacturer in China, the company's main products are contact IC cards, inductive IC cards, visual cards, CPU cards, ID cards, NFC business cards and other smart cards and smart card readers, the daily output of various smart cards exceeds 400,000. Now we have developed JHIC-U inductive IC card reader according to customers' requirements, its plug-and-play, development-free and driver-free features have been welcomed by many customers.

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