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Previous:The difference between student card and student ID card?

I believe that each person is his or her own. After entering the school, the school will give students a student card, commonly known as a card "in order to allow students to enter and exit the dormitory, eat in the school cafeteria, shopping in the supermarket, borrowing books in the library, campus park a card is a unified identification, personnel, school work, etc.. Based on the digital concept of smart card IOT technology and computer network, the MIS application system is the application solution.

But after a period of school, many students will lose their student cards or not be borrowed. In fact, do not easily Zhang card loaned to others. What are the consequences of borrowing student cards for college students?

A. Attracting wolves into the house

You should know that one of the uses of the student card is that students need to enter the university dormitory building with the student card. Generally speaking, without the student card dormitory management room, you are not allowed to enter the university dormitory building. At this point, if students borrow the student card themselves, it is okay to lend it to someone they know, but by lending it to someone they dont know, you may be giving those non-criminals private access to the university dormitory. In the past, university dormitories were not closely supervised, so people could come and go as they pleased, and property could easily be stolen. As a result, many universities took a number of measures, such as hiring building managers or installing card-swiping machines for theft prevention. Since then, they seldom hear about the loss of student property in dormitory buildings. Moreover, some people with bad intentions will try to borrow students student cards from various groups in the university under the guise of borrowing cards to study. Once the student cards are borrowed, these people will walk into the dormitory building and steal things, threatening the safety of students property.

Second, borrowing books without returning them

In addition to swiping the card to enter the university dormitory building university dormitory building, you can also use the student card to enter the university library. In fact, if someone wants to borrow their student card to enter the library, then students must pay attention to whether the person borrowing the card uses their student card to borrow books in the library and whether they return them at the end of the day. Because the consequences of not returning a borrowed book are serious! For example, Shenyang Normal University establishes an integrity file for students, where cheating on exams, plagiarism in papers, unpaid tuition fees, and failure to return library borrowed books on time will all go into the bad integrity record. It is linked to the evaluation and selection of cadres. Students themselves can check their own integrity files, and they can also provide the file information to the employers according to the students needs.

Third, theft of information

Generally speaking, the student card of college students contains the basic information of students and the personal photos of students. Many criminals will use students student cards to steal students information for some illegal activities. Therefore, new students must be careful to protect their student cards and personal privacy!

Previous:The difference between student card and student ID card?

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