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Previous:Can I lend my student card to others

As we all know, the canteen management system is being used more and more in the school canteen management, which is highly praised by teachers and students.

But now in schools, there will still be a unified habit of meal cards, and school regulations only allow the use of meal cards, not cell phone payment. Why cant school canteens keep up with the times?

It is reported , in early 2008, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance signed the Notice on the Implementation of Measures to Subsidize College Student Canteens.

In order to maintain the delicious food in school canteens, the nation should also ensure that students can afford it. The difference is subsidized by the whole country, so we can know why only the canteens have the cheapest food prices, and the pain behind it is "unknown.

Some teachers and students say the meal card is good, drop up is also very convenient, unlike cell phones so troublesome, but also take out to sweep, and the meal card is also limited to students; but there are also teachers and students say the meal card is contrary to the trend, now mobile payment is the trend, cell phones are close to the thing, the meal card is easy to forget.

In fact, schools are not unwilling to change, but continue to use meal cards for payment.

On the other hand, many schools may not be aware of the convenience of subsidies.

So, how can we operate the cafeteria more conveniently for the benefit of teachers and students, while ensuring that the cafeteria is properly subsidized?

Specializing in the surgical industry. Currently, cafeteria management systems on the market can support special registration of faculty and student status to ensure that faculty and students enjoy cafeteria subsidies independently and prevent off-campus dining.  

For teachers and students Canteen dining environment, dish taste and service can be commented in real time, and nutritious recipes can be formulated with chefs through recipe voting to strengthen the communication and interaction between canteens and dining staff and improve the service level comprehensively; For canteen operators

The canteen management system can automatically generate data reports such as order details, consumption details, financial settlement, purchase statistics, canteen operation analysis and canteen dining analysis. The canteen manager can monitor the canteen operation remotely in real time through the cell phone APP, which provides an important basis for canteen operation decision.

The cafeteria management system also supports cell phone payment and even face payment, through personal information background registration input system, get rid of the embarrassment of forgetting to bring the card, can completely rely on the face "meal is not only convenient for the dining staff, but also convenient for the staff cashier. Shorten dining time, improve dining efficiency, help canteens abandon the disadvantages of traditional catering management, directly into the core of operational management.

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Previous:Can I lend my student card to others

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