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The difference between student card and student ID card?

When a new student enters the university, the school will give the student a student card in the newspaper", many students will think that with this student card, they can enjoy many preferential policies for college students. However, after the official start of classes, the school will ask students to submit their personal information and photos, and will explain that they are applying for a student certificate. Many new students will be baffled. Did they not send their student card at the time of reporting?

In fact, the secondary school student ID card and the student ID card of a regular university are two different documents. Simply put, a student card is a certificate that students can use at the school to recharge and spend money at the school. The student ID card represents that the student belongs to the school and can prove his or her identity outside the school and enjoy discounts in all aspects of college students.

Next, lets popularize the specific differences and uses of student ID and student card.

Student ID card

A student certificate is a certificate issued through a school certificate. The process is usually done after the start of the school year when the school will charge two student photos and a few fees. You can get it in a week or so. And if ones student certificate is lost and needs to be replaced, our students can find a certificate of replacement of their student certificate on the official website. Fill out a series of information on the certificate, such as department, major, and year of enrollment. Then take two photos and the fee and give it directly to the counselor. Of course, you can also hand it in to the office and these counselors will explain it to you.

The student card has many uses:

1. Student tickets allow you to enter the national scenic spots (usually half price).

2. You can use your student card to reduce the train fare. Reduced train fares do not include high-speed trains and bullet trains. Some colleges and universities also need to apply for a student train fare reduction certificate after applying for a student card.

3. You can prove that you are a college student and enter and leave the campus at will. Students of Tsinghua University and Peking University should have a deep understanding.

Student Card

The student card, also known as the campus card, is restricted to students to prove their identity and use the spending card on campus. When many students get a student card for the first time, they think it is a student card. In fact, the student card is just a card that resembles a charge card. The student card has a chip inside and can be reloaded, but the money reloaded to the student card can only be spent on campus. Its like a high school meal card, but other than buying meals, it would be more useful at school. It is much easier to get a replacement student card than a student ID card, and there is an office within the school that specializes in replacing student cards. There is no need to prepare your own photo to fill out the student card because the photo and information for the student card are obtained from the students file. All you need to bring is your ID card and the cost of the card. Many schools have student cards that can be operated directly by machine, and it only takes about ten minutes to replace a student card. The student card is an indispensable thing for school.

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Previous:The difference between student card and student ID card?
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