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ID wristband RFID technology standardization

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RFID standardization work first began in 1995, by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to organize a joint technical committee to carry out this work. ISO / IEC introduced a series of ID wristbands RFID technology standards can be divided into four categories of technical standards, data structure standards, equipment performance standards and application standards, and also contains some specifications. From ISO/IEC developed ID wristband RFID technical standards content, is in the RFID code, air interface protocol, reader protocol and other basic technical standards and data structure standards on top of the definition of the conditions of use, tag size, tag attachment location, data content format, the use of frequency bands and other specific performance requirements, according to the application areas in including data integrity, manual identification and other functions The most significant aspect of the ID wristband RFID technology standard developed by ISO/IEC is its universality, which provides a basic framework that takes into account the characteristics of different application areas and meets the specific requirements of each application area while ensuring the principle of interoperability and interoperability.

Standardization of ID wristband RFID technology

EPC Global is the second largest RFID standardization organization in the world formed by the Uniform Code Council (UCC) and the International Article Numbering Association (EAN), and the center has worked with many enterprise members to develop the EPC Global technical standard, which focuses on the "Internet of Things" automatic identification infrastructure EPC Global is committed to establishing a standardized service network for global electronic label users, and has become the de facto largest standard in the industry and has been widely used. At present, EPC Global also submits some of its technical standards to ISO in order to become international standards, thus making its own technical standards system with stronger competitiveness.

The worlds third largest ID wristband RFID technology standard was drafted by the Pan-China Center, led by Japans Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, whose technical consortium members are mainly Japanese manufacturers. The Ubiquitous Center organization and its members reject the EPC Global technical standards, the organization developed RFID-related standards also built a complete standards system, with its own ucode coding system, maintaining independent and independent without losing compatibility. The systems focus more attention to the network and application system security performance.

In addition to these three major ID wristband RFID technology standards organizations, the international are also AIM-global that is the global automatic identification organization and the third world standards organization IP-X together to promote the future of the Internet of things technology system.

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ID wristband RFID technology works
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