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ID wristband RFID technology works

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ID wristband RFID technology does not work in a complicated way: after the tag enters the magnetic field, it receives the radio frequency signal from the decoder, and sends the product information stored in the chip (Passive Tag, passive tag or passive tag) through the energy obtained from the induction current, or through the tag actively sends a signal of a certain frequency (Active Tag, the decoder reads the information and decodes the active After the tag or active tag, the relevant data is sent to a central information system.

How ID Wristband RFID Technology Works

The complete RFID system, is composed of Reader (Reader) and electronic tags (TAG) is also known as the transponder (Transponder) by the application software system three parts, its working principle is Reader to Transponder to transmit a specific frequency of radio wave energy, drive Transponder circuit to send internal data, at this time Reader receives and interprets the data in sequence and processes the application accordingly.

The communication and energy sensing between RFID card reader and electronic tag can be broadly classified as: Inductive Coupling (Inductive Coupling) and Backscatter Coupling (BackscatterCoupling). Generally speaking, low-frequency RFID mostly uses the first type, while high-frequency RFID mostly uses the second type.  

Depending on the structure and technology, the reader can be a read or read/write device, which is the information control and processing center of the RFID system. The reader usually consists of a coupling module, a transceiver module, a control module and an interface unit. Information exchange usually takes place between the reader and the transponder, while the reader provides energy and time series for the passive transponder through coupling. In practical applications, the collection, processing and remote transmission of object identification information can be further realized via Ethernet or WLAN. The transponder is the information carrier of the RFID system. Currently, transponders are mainly composed of coupling elements (coils, microstrip antennas, etc.) and microchips.

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