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The visual card is a high-end smart card that, unlike other smart cards

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The visual card is a high-end smart card that, unlike other smart cards, allows you to see the consumption information inside the card. At present, visual cards can not only show high-end generosity, but also have a unique approach in promotion. Let's take a look!

The visual card is a high-end smart card that, unlike other smart cards

Innovative features of the visual card and the promotion scheme in the market

Restaurant visual card

The innovation and characteristics of the visual card.

1. stimulate the interest of customers to hold the card, improve the utilization rate of the card

2. Provide a complete and effective solution for enterprises to collect customer information

3. Support a variety of business methods: points card, stored value card, points stored value dual-function card

4. Environmental protection also saves the enterprise's paper cost

Visual card promotion program: provide a new card advertising platform and scalable value-added service carrier.

1. Card promotion: print discount information, event notification and other value-added services on the membership card, and can be rewritten at any time to add the latest content

2. Card face advertising: the card face can be updated with an advertising window to increase corporate advertising revenue

3. Improve loyalty and prevent customer loss

4. Credit card promotion is flexible and unique, expanding the loyal customer base

5. Increase the return rate of scattered customers and increase sales in general

Application areas of visual card.

At present, the visual card is widely used in the entertainment industry (KTV hawker, music teahouse, bar, teahouse), catering industry (business club, hotel, restaurant, eatery, etc.), retail industry (department store, boutique department store, member mall, home appliance chain, home store, etc.). , beauty industry (SPA, auto club (auto 4S store, auto club), golf club and other industries. Related product links: visual card KTV visual card

Card Cube is a professional smart card manufacturer in China. Our main products are contact IC cards, inductive IC cards, visual cards, CPU cards, ID cards, NFC various smart cards with a daily output of more than 400,000 pieces, such as business cards and smart card readers. Now we customize and develop JHIC-U inductive IC card reader according to customers' requirements. Its plug-and-play, development-free and driver-free features have been welcomed by many customers.

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