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What is the difference between Fudan M1 card and Fudan CPU card

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CPU Generally speaking, a card chip is a chip that contains the microprocessor equivalent of a microcomputer. People often use integrated circuit cards (the metal piece on the IC card chip is the CPU card chip.

What is the difference between Fudan M1 card and Fudan CPU card

What is the difference between Fudan M1 card and Fudan CPU card

Fudan M1 card is a kind of IC card, IC card use a wide range of IC if the card can only achieve simple storage function IC card to multi-functional direction, to achieve electronic wallet, personal data management, multimedia, etc. "a card; must require functional CPU card chip to intelligent, small volume, high capacity development.

The difference between Fudan CPU card and Fudan M1 card.

I. Technology (contactless) IC card)

1. Logic encryption card is also known as memory card. The integrated circuit in the card has encryption logic and EEPROM

(electrically erasable programmable read-only memory).

2. CPU card also known as smart card, the integrated circuit in the card includes a central processing unit (CPU), EEPROM, random memory (ROM), cured in read-only memory (ROM) on-chip operating system (COS), some card chips also integrate a cryptographic operation association processor to improve security and work speed, making its technical specifications much higher than the logical encryption card.

3, CPU because the card has microprocessing functions, in terms of transaction speed and data interference is much higher than the logical encryption card, and allows simultaneous operation of multiple cards, with anti-collision mechanism.

The biggest technical difference between the two is that: CPU card is a microprocessing chip IC card, which can perform operations such as encryption operations, and has a large storage capacity, and can be applied to different systems; logical encryption card is a single memory card, whose main feature is that it only reads memory internally, but the storage capacity is smaller than CPU card, which makes it not expandable in terms of usage.

Second, the security (contactless) IC card)

1. logical encryption card with storage storage function to prevent the information in the card to rewrite IC card at will, when the encryption card operation must first check the card password, only check the correct, the card sends a series of correct response signal, the card correct operation, but because there is only one authentication, no other security protection measures, easy to lead to password leakage and counterfeit card, its security performance is very low.

2, due to the CPU card in the microprocessor and IC card operating system (COS), when the CPU encryption and decryption algorithm (algorithm and password is not easy to crack) can be used for card operation IC card system requires multiple mutual password authentication (extremely fast), improving the security performance of the system to prevent counterfeit cards have a very good effect.

In summary, logical encryption card and CPU card, CPU the card not only has all the functions of the logical encryption card, but also has a logical encryption card does not have high security, flexibility, support and application expansion performance, but also the main trend and direction of future IC card chip development.

III. Comparison of CPU and logical encryption system

As we all know, the key management system (KeyManagementSystem), also referred to as KMS, is the core of IC project security. How to carry out key security management throughout the entire life cycle of IC card applications.

1. The security authentication of the non-contact logic encryption card depends on the independence of each sector KEYA and KEYB checks can be carried out through the fan control word KEYA and KEYB different security combinations realize the security control of reading and writing fan data. Non-contact logic encryption card personalization is also relatively simple, mainly including data and fan area KEYA, KEYB during this period, all sensitive data including KEYA and KEYB in the form of plaintext directly updated.

2, non-contact CPU and non-contact logical encryption card compared to the card smart card with independent CPU processor and chip operating system can be more flexible to support different application requirements and more secure design of the transaction process. However, at the same time, compared with the contactless logic encryption card system, contactless logic encryption card system CPU card smart card system is more complex and requires more system modifications, such as key management, transaction process, PSAM card and card personalization. Keys are usually divided into recharge keys (ISAM cards), impairment keys (PSAM cards), external authentication keys (SAM cards) and all-purpose keys (ASAM cards). Article Editor: Shenzhen Card Cube IC card manufacturer

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