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Access card: drip card vs id card?

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In order to manage the order of the whole community and improve the safety of the community residents life, the community property company issued access cards to the community residents. For the community residents, they all know that the access card is used to open the door, but few people know whether the access card is a drip card or ID so today, Card Cube gives you a little knowledge about the access card.

Access card: drip card vs id card?

Drip card is an integrated circuit card (Integrated CircuitCard) in some countries, the English abbreviation is also known as smart cards, smart cards, microchip cards, etc.. Set a special integrated circuit chip ISO7816 standard PVC (or ABS, etc.) in a plastic substrate, packaged in the form of a card similar to a magnetic card, that is, made into a drip card.

Compared with the previous identification card, the card has the following characteristics: First, high reliability - drip card the card has anti-magnetic, anti-static, mechanical damage and chemical damage capabilities. Information can be saved for more than 100 years, read and write more than 100,000 times, at least 10 years; secondly, good security; thirdly, large storage capacity; fourthly, there are many types. Globally, the application of drip cards is no longer limited to the early communication field, but widely used in finance, social insurance, transportation and tourism, medical and health care, government administration, commodity retail, leisure and entertainment, school management and other fields. Guangzhou Xinhe Smart Card Company is the first to produce wood card drip card smart card (access card) with the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, not easy to crack, fine wood grain, toughness, etc., to achieve the perfect combination of fashion and environmental protection. Of course, it can also be packaged into buttons, keys, jewelry and other special shapes.

ID card is called identification card (Identif drip cardation Card), it is a kind of induction card can not be written, including a fixed number, mainly including Taiwan SYRIS EM format, the United States HIDMOTOROLA and other types of ID cards. ID card and magnetic card, only the card number "In addition to the card number, the card does not have a confidential function. Card number" is open and bare. So that ID card is inductive magnetic card".

Ⅰ Access card classification:

Generally, ID cards have a number on the surface, and the right side of the picture below is an ID card; the surface of a drip card is blank. The numbers on the access card can also be distinguished. If the front has 10 digits and the back has 8 digits, that is ID If the front and back are blank and there are no numbers, that is a drip card.

Common key fobs, ID cards have numbers, drip cards do not have numbers

The built-in coils are different, ID cards are round, and drip adhesive cards are oval-shaped.

ⅡDrip card vs. ID card


The security of a drip adhesive card is much greater than that of an ID card. The card number in an ID card can be read without permission and is easy to imitate. The data reading and writing of the data recorded by the drip gel card requires corresponding password authentication, and even each area within the card is protected by a different password for comprehensive data security. The password for writing data to a drip card is different from the password for reading data, providing a good hierarchical management method to ensure the security of the system.

Storage capacity

ID cards record only the card number; and drip cards (such as Philips mifare1 cards) can record about 1,000 characters of content.

Different recordability

ID cards cannot write data, and their recorded content (card number) can only be written once by the chip manufacturer, and the developer can only read the card number for use, and cannot develop a new digital management system according to the actual needs of the system. The authorized user of the drip adhesive card can not only read a large amount of data, but also write a large amount of data (such as new card number, user rights, user information, etc.). The content recorded by the drop-glue card can be erased repeatedly.


Although ID cards and ID card readers are cheaper than drip cards and readers, the price of these two systems is the same in terms of the composition of the whole card system (wiring costs and structural composition), and only the drip card system is stable and reliable in operation, so the cost performance of the drip card system is much higher than that of the ID card system.

Having said that, as far as security is concerned, I think it would be better to choose a drip card access card, because the drip card has a great guarantee of personal information and security for the owner, who can provide advice to the community property. Of course, there is not much risk in using the card through ID, but the cost effectiveness is not as high.

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