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Contactless parking card manufacturing and packaging process technology

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Most of the parking cards used in parking lots are contactless IC cards that many people will use, but are unaware of the key technology of how these cards are manufactured. This article will take you through the manufacturing and chip packaging process of contactless parking cards.

Contactless parking card manufacturing and packaging process technology

I. IC card RF technology.

1. passive design requires the reader to send a set of fixed frequency electromagnetic waves to the radio frequency card to generate the DC voltage required for the chip to work through the circuit inside the card.

2. the card needs to have a specially designed antenna, buried in the card.

3. Must ensure good anti-interference performance, and equipped with "anti-collision; circuit.

II. Low-power technology

Whether by active or passive design of contactless IC cards, one of the most basic requirements, the need to reduce power consumption in order to improve the service life of the card and expand the application, it can be said that reducing power consumption, to ensure a certain distance is equally important. Therefore, the card chip generally uses very demanding low-power technology and related technologies, such as circuit design "sleep mode; design and manufacturing technology.

III. Packaging technology

Contactless IC in order to ensure the size, thickness, flexibility and security of the chip circuit in the process of high temperature and pressure, requires special packaging technology and special equipment.

IV. Security Technology

In addition to the card communication security technology, but also from the card chip physical security technology and card manufacturing security technology two aspects and the former to form a strong security system.

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