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Electronic tags are also we often say RFID technology

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Electronic tags are also we often say RFID technology, the current electronic tags are used in a wide range of fields, the following we take a look at the basic composition and basic characteristics of the electronic tags it.

Electronic tags are also we often say RFID technology

Electronic tags

The basic composition of the electronic label.

The most basic electronic label system consists of three parts.

1, tag (Tag): by the coupling components and chips, each tag has a unique electronic code, high-capacity electronic tags have user-writable storage space, attached to the object identification target object;.

2, reader (Reader): read (sometimes can also write) tag information equipment, can be designed for handheld or fixed.

3, the antenna: in the tag and the reader between the transmission of radio frequency signal.

The basic characteristics of the electronic label:

1, data storage: compared with traditional forms of tags, the capacity is larger (1bit-1024bit), data can be updated at any time, can read and write.

2, read-write speed: compared with the bar code, no need for linear alignment scanning, read-write speed is faster, multiple target recognition, motion recognition.

3, easy to use: small size, easy to package, can be embedded in the product.

4、Security: special chip, unique serial number, hard to copy.

5、Durable: no mechanical failure, long life, resistant to harsh environment.

At present the Chinese electronic label group has proposed 13.56MHz radio frequency identification label basic electrical characteristics, 13.56MHz radio frequency identification reader/writer specification, RFID label physical characteristics, three standard technical documents. In the future, electronic tags will be involved in various fields. Related products link: inductive ic card contact ic card cpu card

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